HSB 005 – How to Get Transcripts from India, Bad Start to the Day. #LifeHappens

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Welcome to another episode of Happy Schools Blog Podcast. It been not a good start to the day till now. I will tell you more about it in the show.

I could have just walked away from recording this show, but wanted to do a show today.

Question from Lakshmi :

I am living  in US and on H4 visa and after much work I got into one of the university in USA. I got into graduate program for fall 2015. I also did my Masters from India and that university is not sending official transcript unless they see the originals.

The originals are with me and I am in US. My university in India is very adamant and want to see my original transcript. It will be risky for me to send these through mail. Is there any other way I can get verified by Indian Embassy in US and send that documents. The US university where I applied have given me the below option. “Copies of such documents may also be attested by the embassy, consulate or ministry of education located in the country from which the student is applying.” I checked most of the US Embassy sites and they do not show such information. It will be very helpful if you could suggest any options.

Options to get Transcripts from India

  • Mail documents via UPS or Fedex
  • Check if someone  is traveling to India and give it to them
  • Check the website yourmaninIndia.com
  • Call Indian Embassy or Indian Consulate near to you

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How to Answer All your questions

I like to hear you feedback to what I discussed in the show. Let me know if you have additional suggestions. Look forward to hear from you guys.

Have a great day.


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    I don’t have a set productivity rules that I follow, but I can talk about my process and how lazy and unorganized way I do this 🙂

  2. Hello,

    Thank you for posting these wonderful podcast. I always enjoy them! 🙂

    Raghu, in the next video (or in this comment thread) could you please share with us, your productivity hacks/ how you plan your entire day? It would really help student like us! 🙂

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