HSB 009 : A Day in the Life of An Graduate Student, ISA President and Graduate Assistant in America

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venu uttHave you wondered what it means to be living in U.S.A as a student?

Do you like to get deeper  insights about day to day life of an Indian  student?

That’s what you will learn from this interview with Venu :

  • Graduate Student from University of Texas at Tyler
  • ISA Student President
  • Graduate Assistant at Graduate School
  • Doer of All good things in general

He decided to study in UT Tyler after watching to an interview here in the blog, about two years back. Now, it time to share his experience.

We dive deep into his mind to learn about some of personal aspects of  his life.

This is Episode # HSB 009.

Listen to the Show


Highlights from this Show

  • No water in the apartment
  • Trip to India
  • How much he spent to India Trip
  • Indian Student Association Activities
  • How New student Pickup process works at UT Tyler
  • How ISA Helps students settle down after they arrive in the campus
  • Car Rental Expenses
  • Recent Travel to New Orleans ( for Mardi Gras Festival )

When you listen to this show, we laughed a lot and it was fun interview to talk about Non-Academics stuff.

At the same time, behind these laughs, Venu is shaping his personality, career to be a future leader and Computer Science Engineer.

He took that bold step of coming to U.S.A.. Now, you learned about the opportunities he had and ways he’s expressing his leadership skills as an ISA president.

It’s not easy to study, work part time job and manage Indian Students Association. It takes planning, time management and ability to take actions and follow through to completion. That’s the kind of experience you will be part-of when you come here.

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  1. That’s a very informative positive part of an Indian Student life in the US.
    This audio has been so supportive,thank you so much 🙂

  2. It was fun listening to this interview!! I’ve been in the US for over 3 years now and this podcast brought back memories of the time I was doing my Masters. I’ve always found the info in this blog to be very useful..Keep up the awesome work!

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