HSB 001: First Podcast of the Year on GRE, Application Essay, H1B Visa and It’s My Life

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Welcome to first episode of Happy Schools Blog Podcast (HSB 1). I have published audio interviews before, but that was initially recorded as video  and converted to audio interviews.

Today is the official first edition of HSB Podcast.  I hope you enjoy this episode and many more episodes to come.

This Episode contains 2 segments.

  • Your Questions and My Answer.
  • It’s My Life

I just came-up wtih the name of the first segment.  When you listen to the episode, it will be just called Q&A Segment.

I kind of like Your Questions and My Answers. What do you think?

I have answered three question in this segment. Here’s  the questions

Question 1 :  Should I Retake GRE?

Hello and thanks for the great blog posts about education. I’m in a confusion. I gave my GRE Test last month and got a score of 303. I’m awaiting for TOEFL Test results. So, should I retake my GRE or apply with this score. What are my chances of getting a good university? It would be a great help if you kindly respond. ( from Varsha)

Question 2: Incorrect SOP for UTD

utd incorrect sop essay


Question 3 : How to apply for H1B Visa

I want to come and work in US but my employer is not filing my H1-B. I am interested to file H1-B for this year.

It’s My Life

On the second segment, It’s My Life, which will be part of most of episodes where I answers your questions and answers. I discuss how we are enrolling our son in Kindrgarten school here in U.S.A.

It’s been an interesting process about applying for school admission. You should find it interesting ( or may fascinating).

Show Notes

Where do I find questions to answer in the podcast?

For today’s episode, I took them from three different sources – Email, Blog Comment and Facebook Group.

Once, I do few more episodes, I can come-up with a better plan and theme.  My plan is to keep solo episodes under 20 minutes and Guest  Interviews could be longer.


Let me feedback, comments about this first episode.


  1. Great podcast raghu bhai! 🙂 Hope your kids admission works out right! 🙂

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