HSB 002: Admission for PhD, My Daily Schedule and Advice for Prospective Students

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Welcome to Episode 2 of Happy Schools Podcast.

Today’s Episode have three segments.

  • QA : Can I get Admission for PhD?
  • Advice for Prospective Students
  • My  Schedule for Today

Admission  -PhD in Mechanical Engineering

Hello peers I am not hearing from any universities please let me know if these universities are Ambitious or Safe?

  1. UCSD
  2. Penn State
  3. Texas A&M at College Station
  4. NCSU
  5. University of Pittsburgh
  6. University of Southern California

My Academic Profile

  • Degree Applied : PhD Mechanical Engineering
  • M.Tech. : IIT Guwahati, India.
  • CGPA –  7.64/10
  • B.Tech. : State Government College  ( CGPA –  7.9/10 )
  • GRE Score : 304 ( Quantitative : 60, Verbal : 144 )
  • TOEFL Score :  94
  • Publication:
    • ASME conference paper published
    • ASME journal paper under review
  • Projects:4

In shorts, these universities look too ambitious for your profile. You may have to apply for few more safe universities for Masters Degree than PhD. then convert to PhD after coming to USA. Since, you already have Masters Degree, visa might be an issue.  So, I’m thinking your best bet would be to find 3 to 4 safe universities for PhD or improve your GRE Score and try again for for better universities.

Show Notes

Here’s the Links to PhD Articles I mentioned in the Episode


  1. Hey, I am an undergraduate and would really like to know the possibilities of getting into a PHd program of a good university in material science. And I would also like to know whether its necessary to get an MS degree before doing a PHd??

    1. Author

      You don’t need MS to get PHD admit but you need to get research experience in your UG.

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