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HSB015 – H1B Visa Data Entry, EAD for H4 Context and Bed Time Story

Raghuram Sukumar H1B Visa, Podcast 30 Comments

In this Podcast Episode I cover the following topics

  • What does H1B Visa Data Entry is complete mean to H1B applicants?
  • Deadline for H1B Visa Return Package
  • Last date to receive H1B Receipt Numbers
  • EAD for H4 Content Details

Plus, I have an interesting tip to make your kids  get ready for bed at night time. I follow a new way of story telling. If you have a kid(s), then you would want to listen to this episode.

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Let me know if you have any questions about Story Telling, H1B Visa Data Entry, EAD for H4 Contest.

EAD for H4 

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H1B Visa Data Entry is Complete

This bad news for H1B Applicants. USCIS have been really efficient this year with processing of Applications. But, there’s no timeline for returning the application packages. But, you can assume that your petition is not selected in the lottery. More details in the episode.

Story Telling for Kids

I took the story telling to a next level. If you want to know more details, hit me up 🙂 I’m happy to share. I shared the details of this story with my co-workers who have kids and hey couldn’t stop laughing. I bet your kids will be hooked to this new way of story telling.


  1. Hi Raghu,

    My employers attorney informed me that they have sent over the h1b documents packgage.

    What is the rate of rejection after this step?

    Thanks and Regards

  2. Hello Raghu,

    My H-1B application was filed by my employer’s law firm under premium processing but I haven’t received any communication regarding the receipt number/approval/rejection. Assuming I am not selected in lottery system, by what time I should expect a rejection mail ?

    Please share your thoughts.

  3. So, I got an RFE and the USCIS website says it received RFE response on 15th, meanwhile my current project got over and I joined another client. Am i at a risk? Also, I didn’t get a response until now. It is a PP/AD.


  4. Anybody applied through Agreeya Solutions got receipt number or any update from them?

  5. Hi,

    Applied for h1b through a consultancy this April 2015. Still dint get any result or update.

    Do I have chances still?

  6. Hi Raghu,

    I am still waiting to get the receipt , however till which date we should wait or what is the last date for announcing the receipt number according to USCIS ?

  7. My employer said ..check got debited but didn’t receive the receipt.. Any idea why its delaying ?

  8. Hi,

    Fortunately or unfortunately my two petetions through different employers picked in Lottery for 2016 Quota. I need help in proceeding next. can I have multiple petetions? is it mandatory to withdraw other petetion before appearing for H1 interview. Please suggest in this case.


    1. It’s perfectly okay if the two companies are unrelated. You don’t need to withdraw a petition. You can proceed with the visa interview as per choice of petitions.

  9. For Normal processing, what is the usual time for approval. Some figures below for analysis for regular processing.
    1. Lottery date – 13th April
    2. Receipt date – 23rd April.
    Now what is the next stage in approval?Usually what time it takes?
    What is the previous record time for approval? Means how soon one had approval for regular processing? had anybody got approved within May?

    1. I received my receipt number for Advanced/RP a couple of weeks ago.I have been noticing ppl here saying they start with EAC. Mine starts with WAC. Any ideas on why they are different? Or is it irrelevant?

  10. The status in USCIS says as below!

    On April 28, 2015, we updated your name for your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number EAC15147XXXXX. If you move, go to http://www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address.

    Any idea what this mean?

    1. It means there may have been a minor error in your name which has now been corrected. There is nithing to worry and requires no action at your end.

    2. hi rajesh

      is your visa approved mine with same series EAC15147 still waiting for approval current status case received

  11. Hi All,

    USCIS website is showing that my EAC number is approved and emailed an approval notice.but my employer is not recived any mail about the same.any idea,when my employer will get the approval mail.iam waiting sice april 28th.its General degree with PP.

    is anyone facing the same ?

    thanks and best regards,

  12. I have received receipt number start with EAC. What are the chances to fail to approvals. pls throw some insights on approvals. Mine is General application / normal process.

    1. If you do NOT have multiple applications, have legit company to work for here in US(consultancies are not legit, just my view) chances are slim your application would be rejected.

  13. Hi All,

    May I know how long does USCIS takes to send the receipt notices to applicants which are selected in the random selection process?

    Since my present employer applied H-1b through private consultant, I do not have the reference number to check the status of my application. So am eagerly waiting for the receipt notice from USCIS.

    Thanks and regards,

  14. Hi Raghu,
    Do you think that all SEVIS record should get updated by now? If my SEVIS record is still showing that i am on OPT extension , do i still have chances to receive receipt number? (Just curious because you mentioned that data entry is complete) hoping to hear from you.
    Thanks for giving all information. I appreciate.

  15. It was nice & informative episode Raghu. Thanks.

    Few things to clear:

    1) When the cheque encashment happens – as soon as applicaion opened & before data entry?

    2) As you said – 85k + 5k buffer petitions were selected & generaged receipt numbers
    how do they manage the 5k buffer if they generate receipt numbers for all 90k applications

    1. Author

      I said 5k as an example. We don’t have any official info on buffer cap numbers. We don’t know how they manager. But, they have historical figures of rejection, denial, withdraw. So, their buffer should be based on that.
      We are in teh dark as you are.

      Check – Sometimes before issuing receipt, sometimes several days after receipt number.

      1. Hi Raghu,

        Does USCIS will be issue receipt numbers for buffer cap applications?

        1. Author

          There no official details about how they handle buffer applications.

  16. Hi All,

    USCIS website is showing that my EAC number is approved and emailed an approval notice.but my employer is not recived any mail about the same.any idea,when my employer will get the approval mail.iam waiting sice april 28th.its General degree with PP.

    is anyone facing the same ?

    thanks and best regards,

    1. Hi siv

      How did you got ur EAC number .do they provide this when u apply .i am asking because I have applied through a private consulting and they have not provide me any EAC number

      1. Only if your application get picked in the lottery is the receipt number assigned to your application. The starting three alphabets depend on whether Vermont center (EAC) or California (WAC) is handling your application.

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