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HSB017 – Is My Advice Realistic or Overly Negative?

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Let’s start this episode by quoting a comment from a reader:

I know this comment is one year too late but I couldn’t resist from voicing my thoughts about this. I don’t know what decision the student in question here finally took but regardless of that this situation provides ample reason as to why there are articles on HSB like Options After Masters Degree in USAOptions After Masters Degree in USA . Such articles( like the one I have provided link to) and many more on HSB have received a lot of flak in the comments section regarding their relevance and are accused of being discouraging to prospective students. To all of such comments this student’s experience stands as a vindication as to why students need to know the reality of USA which so called consultants and relatives abroad mostly never reveal.

Just gathering info on GRE/TOEFL,universities and visa interview (all of which are not even the beginning of the battle) is not enough. Knowing the ground realities gives students critical data early on in their career plans and allows them to make a calm and calculated decision. This will save everyone (including parents) a lot of heartache and disappointment and put the student on the right career path ( whichever it might be USA or otherwise).

So, I started thinking, what is the best way to respond. I used that as the base for Today’s Episode – Reality vs Negativity. Is my advice to Students, H1B Workers or H4 Spouses to Current Students fall under the category of being realistic or being overly negative? I want to clarify how I approach and solve a problem and my general outlook towards life.

Listen to the Show:


Show Notes:

  • I approach the Problem differently than 10 years back.
  • Society, Culture, Education plays a major role in evolving thinking patterns

My thinking is still evolving. While I plan for the worst case, I tend to focus on things you have to do to prepare for possibilities of facing the Worst case scenario.  Plus, I take calculated risks. Risks, some folks might not even consider as an option.

Would you have sent your wife to Study in a Different Country when if you have a kid(s)? I like to hear about how you approach and solve a life-sized problem? Be it investing to decision making.

How long would it take for you to make a decision when there’s lot of uncertainties and situations you can’t control? I like to hear your thoughts and suggestions.




  1. I think that I for one appreciate your website here to try to help foreigners to be able to attend schools here in America which is great.However for me there are many concerns for the foreign students that I help teach English to online on several websites especially in China where I taught English for 2 years.What I learned while I was in China that most of the students have no belief that they can ever attend school in America because they either say they cant get a visa,not enough money that their family may or may not have and don’t know of any other resources such as financial help either here or in there own country.Even talking on the phone myself to universities here in America they tell me that the student much show that they about at least $40,000.00 in there bank account to cover any school costs.Well haha if they had that they wouldn’t need help.I know that for American students they can apply for many different types of student and government loans and pay it back at a low percentage after they graduate and obtain employment.But I have not found any resources for foreign students or even where and how to look for them.I am talking about students that don’t have any scholarships or internships available to them.Do you have any suggestions please.Thanks so much for your time and for your website.

    1. Author

      I have several topics here that answers your questions but I don’t think I have one that coveral the latest lifecycle of an F1 student.

      It would look like this Student visa to OPT to Job to H1b work visa to Green Card.

  2. Raghu,

    I have been following you for almost 2 years now and these are a few things that I have noticed.

    Reading your posts and responses about a year or two ago, my impression of you and the website was that you wanted to use this great medium and help students make informed decisions.

    As of recently I get the feeling you have become more commercial and vain, it is important for you to let people know you are the fastest and best source of information and that’s all that matters to you now. Whether they benefit from that information or not is of secondary concern to you, as long as you can sensationalize you posts enough that people click on them and you get significant traffic to your website you are happy.

    Just my 2 cents, hope you take it into consideration.


    1. Author

      🙂 I have bill to pay. I don’t mind if you like to pay my monthly bills and expenses to run this site. Hosting and Email Marketing alone is like close to $500 per month.

      1. I am not sure you thought “I have bill to pay” was the right response to what I wrote.
        Anyways I am pretty sure other websites also have bills to pay and they also want high traffic, but they are still able to satisfy those requirements without sensationalizing headlines or blowing things out of proportion.

        Personally, I think the right approach should be to run this website with the intention of helping people and providing clarity on issues, that in itself will be enough to drive traffic to it.

        I also think that the reason you are suddenly so hostile and angry is because of feelings of entitlement and false modesty that trigger a negative reaction when you aren’t appreciated or agreed with.

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