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HSB018 – Visa Bulletin and STEM OPT Extension Updates ( and My New Book)

Raghuram Sukumar Podcast 12 Comments

Ha.. Episode #018 is here and we got a packed show today covering the following topics

  • October Visa Bulletin
  • November 2015 Visa Bulletin
  • STEM OPT Extension News
  • My New Ebook Journey
  • NFL Fantasy football
  • Ways to Follow Happy Schools Blog

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Show Notes:

Show Summary:

October Visa 2015 Bulletin

  • New dual Cutt off Dates were introduced
  • Filing Dates is earlier than Final Action Date
  • This makes the Green Card Wait Time more acceptable and enjoyable

November 2015 Visa Bulletin

  • Expect little to small movement in Filing Dates
  • Final Action Priority Date is not expected to Retrogress any further
  • Dual Cut off dates helps State Department to predict Immigrant Visa Demand

STEM OPT Extension

  • No news from DHS yet
  • No official update from White House yet
  • Latest STEM OPT extension are approved only till Feb 12, 2016

My eBook Journey

  • Started Ebook on Job Serch Game Plan
  • Plan to complete it by end of September
  • Easy to read guide for F1 Visa Students

NFL Fantasy Football

  • Why you should follow NFL fantasy football
  • Why it helps during job interview to new job

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  1. “Yesterday, October 2, 2015, the USICE submitted the STEM OPT “proposed” rule to the OMB for its review and approval. This is the first step for the required rule-making procedures and steps. Once the OMB approves it, ICE will publish it in the federal register seeking comments within certain period of time. Once ICE receives comments, it will review all the comments and then draft and submit an interim final rule to the OMB again for its review and approval. Once the OMB approves it, the ICE will publish the Interim Final Rule in the federal register again with the effect date notice. Interim Final Rule is a legally binding rule. This process must be completed by February 12, 2016 under the court order. Since the ICE has just officially initiated it, it should be do-able to achieve it within the time line.”

    Is this true??

  2. Hi Raghu,

    You have mentioned in your comments that ” More reports of approval only till Feb 12, 2016.”.

    Did any reports have some kind evidence to support their claims like photo of the EAD card?

  3. Isn’t it obvious from the fact that there are more ads on this page than valuable content that this guy is using our plight to make money?
    HSB used to be my only source of info apart from edulix forums. But I guess I need to abandon it before I lose my mind.

    I got my OPT extension till Jan 2017 AND NOT FEB 2016.

    You need to realize that you are playing with people’s minds here.
    Just look at the comments being posted on your last few articles and try to take feedback.
    People trusted you and have been coming to you for information, not for your sensationalized blog post titles like “STEM OPT EXTENSION REVOKED”.

    /End of rant

  4. “Latest STEM OPT extension are approved only till Feb 12, 2016”- i think this is wrong statement, couple of my friends got approved for extension this week and got until 2017 december

  5. “Latest STEM OPT extension are approved only till Feb 12, 2016
    It must be just a rumor unless the real information was got from multiple persons. By mistake some officer might have given the approval till Feb 2016 or the person might have told incorrect information(inadvertently). The OPT STEM extension is uncertain at the best now. It is valid now and I am sure DHS/USCIS will give a guidance once they decide one way or the other. But no one is panic yet

  6. @Raghu

    I understand that you are trying to help all of us out there.But I think you jumped the gun by saying “Latest STEM OPT extension are approved only till Feb 12, 2016”. I would have agreed with that only if someone had shown substantial proof.

  7. @Ragu. Never thought your are this kind of person. You website articles are just clickbait article because what you post is lies and playing with emotions for clicks.

    I got recent STEM approval which was given full 17 months as requested not till FEB.

    1. Author

      Listen to my words, I stated, as per readers comments and gave link to comments in the show notes.

      And this title HSB018 – Visa Bulletin and STEM OPT Extension Updates ( and My New Book) is clickbait?

      1. Yes, it is a click bait as OPT extension is a hot topic and thanks for this blog, quite helpful for 1st timers.

          1. There is no other way. Better to have 3 audio clips for 3 segments i.e. one for visa, one for OPT and one for how to get a job [It’d be better recieved than Ebook].

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