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HSB021 – Two Real Examples of How Not to Prepare for F-1 Visa Interview

In this Happy Schools Podcast Show (HSB021), I’m sharing two real examples of how not to prepare for a F-1 Visa Interview.

I was talking to a couple of students about preparing for F1 Visa and noticed a pattern of mistakes that is repeated frequently among students preparing for F1 Visa interview and it’s becoming common to see such occurrences.

You will learn about two scenarios, then 3 takeaways that should help you prepare for Student F1 Visa interviews.

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Show Notes:

Question 1: My I-20 states Bachelors of Business Administration as the course. But, I applied for MBA. In the remarks section of my I-20, its written that I have been accepted for their MBA program but I’m required to complete the pre-requesite and get minimum grade C to get new I-20 for MBA. How can I explain this to the visa officer.

Question 2: I have my visa interview on 18th of October and frankly, I am scared of it. The reason is I have a complicated profile. I am unable to explain everything over this limited textbox. I am looking forward to our phone conversation.

Plus, I made few changes to this show. Can you spot the changes?


Today’s show is sponsored by the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). UTSA offers Bachelors, Masters and PhD degree for International students. Check out the student interviews from UTSA and request additional information.

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  1. Ahmed on October 19, 2016 at 11:19 AM

    Sir i havd rejected for first time what should i do

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