Do You Have These Skills – Humbleness, Expectations and Ability to Follow Instructions

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I received this email request from a user who asked or I should say demanded to remove all comments posted by the person in the blog.

As per comments policy here, only in extreme cases, I will be willing to consider removing the comments or blog post.


When you are requesting help from someone, I tend to ask with certain degree of grace and humbleness. Not with authority tone.

When you want to start the email like “yeah yeah I know what your comment policy says”… and close the email like “removed as soon as possible no matter what the policy says.”

Goo luck trying to get things done with such an  attitude.

Qualities like this are taught in Moral Science class in middle school. If they don’t teach such lessons in the school, then such things have to come natural to any person.

I have been saying “Your Social Reputation Matters”.

Some don’t agree to this, but I’m doing my part by giving examples on how your social reputation can help or hurt you.

You leave traces while you do things online.

You have no reason to worry, if you are having a valid argument.  But, if you are having a racy argument or posting slang stuffs, then you have every reason to worry.

Your social reputation can make or break you.

Skills To Be Successful

Here are 2 more skills that are equally important.

Being humble is an important trait to have. You can get so many things done by being humble and requesting help in humble way.

Kirti would ask the favor with a smile.

Kirti Dutt – could you do me a favor? ask with cute smile.

What do you say? Do you agree to my comment?



  1. I fully agree with Aslam and HSB on this. As a blogger, One can held responsible for any commentary deemed to be obscene/ offensive/ defamatory or slanderous, not many care for this.

  2. attitude decides what the person is thinking at that tym of blogging or else wat he faced before blogging……but showing anger on somebody does not change one bit of person instead it push him deep into a deep abyss of loneliness and n he become dejected and one day he realize he has nobody he could talk to…….so friends,brothers,sisters,and respected hsb readers drop attitude shine ur life with attitude less ways…..tank u spending tym on reading this blog…….

  3. Very true. Unfortunately a lot of people feel that the anonymity of the internet provides them with a ‘nothing will happen’ attitude. That’s why you see people behave more rudely on blogs/forums, etc. Social media is a tool which can very easily work against, even 1 small rowdy comment can tarnish your online image for a long time.

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