IBM Hiring 1,300+ for New IT Center – Dubuque, Iowa

Raghuram Sukumar Career 1 Comment

This news will be a much welcome sign for many job seekers. IBM plans to open a new IT Center in Dubuque, Iowa and the tech giant is planning to hire 1,300+ employees.

It looks like for the current 300 positions to be filled-up, more than 3,000 resumés had been submitted.

So if you are looking for job, you can head straight to the IBM US Career Website and checkout the openings at IBM’s Dubuque, Iowa office.

High Impact Resumé

In the current job market, it’s very difficult to get an interview call. If more than 500 job seekers are applying for one job position, then it’s your resumé that can help you get that one interview call.

So you need to have a well crafted resumé to make that first impression when hiring managers look at your resumé. It’s is not easy to craft a high impact resumé, though.

Although it’s very hard to create that first impression, it’s very easy to make big blunders in resumés.

If you had been applying for jobs for a long time and still there’s no interview call, then it’s time to consider to have your resumé written by professionals.

I would spend $100 or so to get my resumé written by a professional instead of not knowing whether my resumé will work that magic to get interview calls.

Especially if you are an entry level student or fresh out of graduate school, I strongly recommend to get your resumé written by a certified resumé writer.


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