I’m Stressed About Money Parents will Spend on MS in USA

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Hi HSB, I am currently pursuing my MS in USA. But this thing is getting really tough for me. Due to this I am so stressed. I am just worried about the amount of money my Parents are gonna pay. I am worried that what if I am not gonna get job over here than i will be in great trouble.

I have looking my alternate career. I am planning to do a Masters In Teaching. I think that I can be a good teacher. Can you please tell me that can an International Student be an a elementary or middle level school teacher in USA? After completion of the MIT can I get an H1B sponsor letter from the job? Also can I change my degree from MS to MIT as I am worried about the Department of Homeland security people? Will they do any problem if I do that? Can you name some universities which accepts the international students for the MIT program.

Please help me. I am so worried about my future. Please let my name and email address confidential. Can you give me your e-mail, i wanna personally take your advise? Hoping for your quick reply.

Several readers should have faced  and overcome situation similar to what you are facing. Can you answer few more questions for us?

  • What is your major in MS in USA?
  • Which university?
  • When did you come to USA?
  • Do you have part time job or Aid?
  • Are you trying for internship?
  • What made you think you can be good teacher?
  • If money is your problem, how did you come to conclude that teaching degree will be less expensive?

Waiting f or your response. Other will be able to response if you give additional details.


  1. Dear HSB,
    My daughter Ms. Mrigaya is planning to pursue MS in MIS.She has scored 310/340 in GRE {155 in Q&A each) and 105/120 in Toeffl plus 3 in writing.She did Engineering in EXTC with over 65% marks. Are these scores good enough to get admission in top 20 universities ?If so kindly suggest some good universities.With best wishes.

  2. this is one pissed off soul.hey dude,keep cool.you are the one who could make a right decision for yourself.if you are so much worried about money why have you chosen USA?moreover why do you want to pursue master in teaching in USA and not INDIA?

    1. He's not "pissed off", just anxious.

      BTW, I don't understand how asking him why he chose USA is supposed to help???

      The guy who wrote this is in the USA and he has to finish his studies here……so please say something that solves his problem keeping that in mind.

  3. hello! I got a score of 1100 in gre.I want to do my ms in computer science field.Can i get scholarship for this score.

  4. Hi, i want to do MS in US .After MS can i get the opportunity to work as Lecturer.Is there any difficulty to get H1B for that ?

  5. I want to pursue M.S. kindly give us the name of university in USA. Please reply me immediately

  6. Hey anonymous, cheer up man. You are still pursuing MS, this is the time for you to study, understand the technology and work on it to get most from US school. Meanwhile you put your efforts to build good contacts, for same you can look for linkedin, facebook etc. These knowledge and efforts will really pay you once you are done with your MS.

    I really appreciate your concern about your parents, but you should take this as a positive energy and keep the spark alive to work hard. Don't get bogged down with this attitude. I wish you change your attitude and face the challenges.

  7. Hi,

    I know this is easier said than done. But now that you are in the US, studying towards this degree, you have to go with the flow to a certain extent.
    You can't change the fact that your parents have and are going to spend a lot of money towards your education. But they are older and more mature people who know what they are doing. They might tell you from time to time that it is hard on them, but that is only to make sure that you don't get relaxed. The only thing that you can do is to try your level best to make the most out of that money and get a good education. That is the only way you will get a good job and be able to return that money.
    If you do not understand 75% of what is being taught in class or require help on homework, realise this that it is the case with 99% of us who are pursuing higher studies in the US. It's not easy to understand a foreign accent or get used to the education system here easily. The only thing that you can do is to have high standards and not give up fighting. That's the only path to success.
    As for switching to an Education/Teaching degree, it sounds like you are in a Science/Engg program. When you graduate you will get 29 months of OPT (work opportunity without requiring a H1B visa) only if you are a Science Tech Engg Math graduate. I am not sure if you'll get it in Teaching.
    So my advice would be to just keep on fighting. Also make friends with Indians as well as other foreign/ American students. It might take time if you are introverted. But people here are friendly. If possible join a club in your department. It'll help a lot.


  8. Hi HSB, I am planning to pursue my MS in USA.my problem is am i get any part time or assistence there ? coz im worried about the mony that i want to pay to bank ! But this thing is getting really tough for me. Due to this I am so stressed. I am just worried about the amount of money my Parents are gonna pay. I am worried that what if I am not gonna get job over here than i will be in great trouble. please suggest me and help me! what type of part time jobs are available? as i completed my Msc here with that can i get any small teaching assistance in USA? any specific course is required in getting a job there early? what are the demanding and helpfull jobs there! can you help me pleasse!Please help me. I am so worried about my future. Please let my name and email address confidential. Can you give me your e-mail, i wanna personally take your advise? Hoping for your quick reply

  9. thanks HSB for your response,

    I am currently doing my MS in Power Engineering. I came here this Spring. Yes I am doing my Part time job. By this I am able to cover the monthly expenses of mine over here. But the thing which gives me nightmares is that I am not able to understand 75% of the things taught over here. Even I am not able to do my HW on my own, I need someone's help for this. Due to this I am worried that nobody will give me job based on my this knowledge. Also I am an Introvert, I am not able to mix with the people more frequently, so this worries me that people in the job will be rude with me. But I can say that I can teach very well to the kids. Also I love working with kids and I can give them good knowledge based on my skills. Yes I know that teaching degree will also need money but the thing is that by this I will be little more confident on studying this.

    Can You please tell me about the procedures required to be a teacher over here and after that can I apply for H1b If I get job over here? What kind of Degree is required to be a teacher over here?

    Please friends leave some of your feedbacks and help me.

    1. Iam also planning to do my masters in Power Systems.Can u tell me why u are finding it difficult.Is it because of the courses u have chosen and the university u are in?i would like to know if the courses are similar to what we do inIndia for Btech.

    2. dude ,

      on reading your post , it is apparent that you have hard time " acquiring " really advance knowledge . if you can get that knowledge taught in those uni and if you know how to " market " that knowledge , surely your future will be brightest than ever before .

  10. Hey HSB, I have a similar doubt! 🙂 I heard that there are no opportunities for students who want to pursue Aerospace Engg. as those jobs are reserved only for US citizens! Is that TRUE!!! :O … If yes, please let me know. I seriously must look into a change in my Major for Under Graduation. 🙁

    1. Hi!

      It is true. As per the ITAR regulations we are not allowed to work on core aerospace and astronautics projects. I have the same query and would like to know how to go about a career after pursuing MS in Aerospace/Space tech/Astronautics.



      1. Thanks yaar,

        at least I got to know that there is someone like me who faces the same problem! 🙂 HSB, I need an answer urgently! Please! 😀

  11. Hello there ,

    I am planning to take GRE exam next month , the computer based . Is there any advises about this time ? I am also planning to take another one few months after the first one , what about the revised exam .
    thnx anyway

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