Incorrect Date Of Birth on I-94 (H1B approval)

Raghuram Sukumar H1B Visa Leave a Comment

My DOB was printed wrongly on the H1b copy,i mean on the latest I-94 attached to H1-b approval .
Actually my passport has a wrong DOB on the first page ,hence got corrected and the correct DOB is printed on the second page.

But while applying my attorney overlooked it and entered wrong DOB. So now can I get it changed easily?

Will it be a problem for applying SSN? I have gone to SSN office once. They says my I-94 is still not updated at DHS. its been almost 1 and half month i got my new I-94 (with wrong DOB).

Please let me know if any one faced the same situation previously.

Wrong Date of Birth in I-94

Fix your dates in I-94 first before applying for SSN.

Your attorney should be able to help you fixing wrong date of birth on your I-94 card.

If you apply with incorrect DOB for SSN, problem would multiply when you get more documents related to immigration.

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