Can I Say, F-1 Visa was Never Denied in DS Forms?

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Here’s an interesting comment/question about US student F-1 visa. Surprisingly, this question was posted on the article – F-1 Visa Canceled Due to Fake Bank Statements.

"I have a unique case. A friend of mine was denied F-1 visa twice in 2006 under 214 (b). Fortunately, that passport has expired now (the passport in which there were two “application received” stamps).

Now, he has a new passport and is planning to go for a visa interview by next month. Can he say that he was never denied a visa in the DS forms? As the visa denial was made in the old passport, do you think there is no chance of the VO knowing?

Also from 2007, they have stopped using the “application received” stamp. They are entering denial and approval data into their CCD (Consular Consolidated Database).

So is it possible that before 2007 they didn’t have a database and that is why they used stamps. Please let me know."

False information in DS Forms

Let’s ask the readers to comment on the above questions.

  • Will you hide information in DS forms?
  • Do you think any US consulate will not have information about previous visa interviews?

Please leave your comments, suggestions, thoughts and solutions to the above questions.

But to start with, it’s not recommended to provide false information or hide facts. If ever they find out, you could banned from entering the USA for several years.


  1. i have been rejected F-1 Visa twice in the last 2 months and now my company wants me to apply for B-1 business visa , can I apply or do I need to wait for some period as the us gov site doesnt mention any such waiting period.

  2. is it sufficient to show only the first year fee of your on your bank statement for f1 visa.

  3. Even if you change passport, they can come to know. They have retina scan and fingerprint record. Change your fingers and retina too when you don't writ DENIED. US embassy keeps records for at least 2 years. May be they can keep for more time but don't use lie because when you say one lie then you have to say 100 lies to make your first lie a truth

  4. Please always speak out the truth. In denied Visa column write yes DENIED. I did the same mistake once — I was asked to re-appear anyday after 3 days. I did so after 2 years, and presuming that since my passport is stamped for my appearance and denial stamp is not there I wrote that Visa NOT denied. It was taken as false information though it was simply a misunderstanding of facts. It took great efforts to satisfy them and get my VISA. Please submit all facts correctly — I repeat whether you get a VISA or not — be honest. This is what got me the VISA and I am not going into details how I got it BUT I cannot stress more — BE AS HONEST AS POSSIBLE or YOU MAY REGRET IT FOR EVER.

    1. Also to add

      Question: Do you think US Consulate will not have information about previous Visa interview?

      Answer: They have all the records for sure. I do not want to give examples, but, I have reasons to believe that they DO have all the information.

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