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Q&A: Do U.S. Citizens Pay In-State College Tuition Fees?

By default, international students in F-1 student visa have to pay Out of State tuition fees. F-1 visa students are not eligible for in-State tuition fees.

There was a question related to getting in-State college tuition fee in one of the comments.

Sunita Asks:  My son is a US citizen but never lived in the US. Will he qualify for any reduction in fees or will he have to pay international and out of state fees? Thank you and look forward to hearing from you.

In this blog, you can find a few articles about in-State and out of State tuition fees.

Those articles contain the information you are looking for. But, in short I can say, until your son establishes residency in a particular state, he has to pay out of state tuition. Usually, it will take 1 year to establish residency in an American State.

That is determined by the date he will be enrolled in a school or the date when he signs an apartment lease or gets a driver’s license. Every State has its own rules pertaining to establishing residency and you have to check the matter with the school.

You can find more details about In State Tuition and Out of State Tuition fees and some explanations on how a student will qualify for in-State tuition fees.

Almost every international student, when looking at the tuition and fees page, will not understand the difference between in-State and out of State tuition fees.

Foreign students are usually unaware about how much in-State fees they must pay because such fees vary among universities and the State where the schools are located.

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  1. serginho on December 28, 2010 at 2:00 PM

    I am a refugee who were resettled to the US last July. I have I-94. I want to know if I will be considered as out of state student or state stutent, if I enroll in university.

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