International Graduate Student Admissions Dropped 3%

Raghuram Sukumar Study in USA 1 Comment

I was browsing website to find some interesting ideas for articles that our blog readers would like to read and I stumbled upon this interesting survey by the Council of Graduate Schools concerning international student admissions

First-time enrollment of students from India, one of the two countries that sends the most students to the U.S., declined by 2% after growing 8% in 2007. South Korea admissions also fell by 4% after a 3% increase last year.

There was little growth in individual fields of study. Exceptions were physical sciences and business where first-time enrollment increased by 5% and 4%, respectively, in 2008.

Also, the survey has other interesting facts about graduate student enrollment in U.S. universities that concern international students.

You can read the full report here.

Image Credit: Tony Shi


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