3 Reasons Why I Came to Study in America – Interview With Lakshmi

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I interviewed Lakshmi from University of Texas at Tyler. This is one of the best interviews I have done.

Her Background :

  • Bachelors Degree :Computer Science and Engineering
  • Masters Degree : Started with Computer Science, then transferred to Industrial Management
  • University: University of Texas at Tyler
  • Scholarship : Yes
  • Part-Time Job : Graduate Assistant, Office of Graduate Admissions

You have to listen to this interview for the following reasons

  • Why she came to U.S.A
  • How living in U.S.A. have transformed her
  • What her parents think about her
  • She transferred to Industrial Management ( from Computer Science)



  1. Are industrial management graduates have higher market value than computer science graduates?

  2. Hi Raghu,

    Can i know what kind of job opportunities or nature of work and roles that one gets into, after a masters in Industrial management.I am currently into programming where i do a lot of coding work. So can you help me and throw light into the kind of tasks that a job for a grad from MIM has?

  3. Hi All;

    My Case was turned to RFE during July 15th and when I approached the Employer and Attorney, they asked me to Prepare the Project Schedule / Project Itinerary for SAP FICO Functional Consultant and send it to them along with the Experience Certificates.

    Which I had sent to the Employer during 1st Week of August. When I asked the employer about the cut off date for submission of the RFE Documents, they told that it is on 04th October.

    The USCIS also requested for Client Letter, for which the Company said they would take care of the same. The Client had sent the RFE Documents, to USCIS in VT Center, through FedEx Priority Overnight by Yesterday. The Client is located in Secacus, NJ.

    Please let me know, when can I expect any update on my Petition.

  4. I am not here to degrade you, but just give you an insight on scope for improvement. The work that you do here is commendable. When you scheduled an interview with an international student formally or informally, you need to have a set of questions prepared to shoot. Here and in most of the videos you muster for the questions,while the one being interviewed in this video was giving the same answers twice, this states you clearly lack the questionnaire part. The next time buckle up and be the one to clear the war with your powerful weapon of words and questions,cause our we shout out “Wish Raghu asked this question or any other one”. I still wonder how people survive in a United States with the same cliched language and do not strive to empower it rather than working hard to earn trucks loads of money… Sorry… But, I had to speak up… No offense.. 😛

    1. Steven – Thanks for your comments. I know what you are talking with respect to mustering for questions. Will try to avoid that in future interviews.

      As for spoken English, I’m trying, taking classes, but its tough to change the slang over night. Takes time 🙂

      1. This is how someone should handle criticism!!! Splendid. Will be waiting
        for the upcoming videos and especially your part. It ain’t slang that
        I’m stressing about, the way you build up confidence while speaking..
        Just polish that and you’d be a Voracious Orator. ^_^

        1. This blog has over 60,000 comments. Some comments have made me a better person and helped to improve the quality of the articles. Some are just from haters. I learned how to handle criticism. When you are spending time to listen and criticize, I should listen to that 🙂

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