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Here’s What I learned From Studying in 3 Countries. Interview with Abhijit Jain

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Abhijit Jain completed Engineering in India. After working for 4 years in India, he wanted something that would satisfy his entrepreneurial urge. So, he chose to Study MGIM program.

It’s the same degree Madhu graduated from. In fact,  I came to know Abhijit via Madhu.  I meet him in person when I went to France and several times here in U.S.A.

He graduated from Masters in Global Innovation Management in May 2015. Then he worked as Intern at two different companies (Data Scientist and Marketing Strategy). Now, he’s going back to India for good. But has plans to come back to the USA.

Watch the Video Interview Below

This video interview is 5 Minutes preview of 45 minutes long interview, but you can get to see some of his cool pictures he took along his journey to France and to North Carolina State University.

In this 45 minutes long interview, we spoke about

  • The difference between studying in France, India and USA.
  • His general experience and lifestyle
  • Impact of studying with culturally diverse students
  • Experience in Aix-en-Provence, France
  • Experience in NCSU Campus, USA
  • Internship Experience
  • Cost of Living in both countries
  • Why he’s going back to India
  • Future Plans

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