Job Search Tips #4 – Passive Phase Identification

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Job Search Tips #4 – Passive Phase Identification

Job Search tips #3 discussed about Passive and Active phase of job search process.

Lets looks at what you must do during Identification part of Passive Phase.

Question from Sundar –

I have just started my MS. So, I am in the passive phase. Could you please explain what we need to do in each of the 3 items mentioned in passive phase?

For any given degree/major, there is so many job options available.

For example, if you are doing MS in Computer Science, after graduation, you can apply for following jobs

  • Software Developer ( so many programming languages)
  • Software Testing (Manual Automated)
  • Business Analyst
  • Program Manager
  • Computer Network Engineer
  • Database Specialist
  • Etc

Depending on your specialization and degree, you can can apply for so many jobs.

Here is a neat little tip for you to find job options. Looks at various courses offered in your department. Each course can be considered as separate job title (or job role).

During this Identification phase, you have to understand your interest and available job opportunities that match your interest.

For instance, if job title is VLSI and you had completed only one course in VLSI. You can still apply for that position.




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    I would like to thank HSB for all your effort in guiding students who wish to do their higher studies in U.S as in my case i am an ardent follower of HSB right from the beginning that i started preparing for gre…I recommend everyone to make use of this excellent forum to hit the land of Opportunity….

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