Job Search Tips #9 – AccelerateYour Job Search via Blogging

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Employers are looking for candidates who have proven track record and knowledge on a specific subject area.

Traditional ways to prove to employer about your qualifications was through Resume and Cover letter.

But, finding jobs these days is not easy. When social media tools are dominating job search, job seekers should use the tools available to them to prove to employers, why they should be hired.

I’m specifically, talking about Building your Brand.

Read this post – Before writing your resume, build your brand.

You can build your brand using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. But list doesn’t stop there.

How to Build Your Brand and Market Yourself.

You can build your brand and show your expertise by blogging.

Job Search via Blogging

For instance, you guys know I work as Software Engineer.  Let’s say I want to apply for job as Admission counselor in a university. I don’t have qualifications in my resume that describes relevant experience in admission consulting.

My resume will look like – MS in Computer Science, Software Engineer, Experience in programming languages, etc.

Do you think, I’m going to get interview call?

What if I include link to Happy Schools Blog in the resume? I have much better chance of getting  an interview call.

Job seekers, who want to get aggressive with their job search, should consider blogging as a way to prove their expertise.


    1. Avinash – I missed that pluign after theme change. Now, its back. thanks for the message.

  1. hai my name is praveen and today i wrote my gre exam and i got the score arrange of please tell me that which university can i apply to make my m.s.

    1. 280+ is a decent score for MS in US. University to be applied also depends on factors like your graduation percentage, your SOP, LOR. Write TOEFL and try to get good score (90+ or may be 100+), then also there are chances to get your dream university.

      1. Hi.
        Actually i have heard that all top 100 universities are good. The thing is I don’t understand what makes a certain US university good and other one bad. I mean as in India we consider placements as one of the major factor to consider a college as good or bad, so what are the factors that make a certain US university good .Suppose if i complete MS from a US university of rank in between 50-75 will i have hard time finding a job in USA ? or does it completely depend on our GPA. Please everyone tell your view about this.I would be extremely thankful if HSB gives his suggestion on this topic.

  2. I asked this question in other post as well – When is the correct time to approach resume writing services? I am now in my first semester. Is it good if I start in the beginning of second semester? Please correct me if I am wrong.

    1. You need to have good projects to list. I would say after completing 2nd or 3rd semester. You may have to apply for internship with your existing resume.

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