10 Top Websites for Job Search

Raghuram Sukumar Career 6 Comments

You must realize that job search itself is already a full time job.

Once students graduate, they will come face to face with the reality of job search.

It will usually take 1-2 months just to understand how the job search market works. But before then, you have to learn what techniques and strategies must be followed while searching for jobs.

Job search is a long journey, you’ll never know where the road leads.

Here is a list of job search sites that I like in the order listed.

  1. LinkedIn.com (Job Search Guide Using LinkedIn)
  2. Indeed
  3. SimplyHired (LinkedIn.com)
  4. Craigslists Job
  5. CareerBuilder
  6. Monster
  7. ComputerJobs
  8. Dice (IT jobs)
  9. Bio Space (Biotechnology, Molecular Biology)
  10. LinkedIn Jobs.

In addition to these sites, also check your college career sites. Attend networking events.

Most of the jobs are closed via employee referral (hidden job market). So keep expanding your professional network via LinkedIn.



  1. i am doing to do ms in electronics and communication engg. now in third semester . what are the companies in us i can apply for. can u suggest me

  2. i am doing to do ms in electrical engineering (power). now in third semester . i have gpa of 3.7 . what are the companies in us i can apply for. can u suggest me few methods.

  3. Thanks for doing this great job and helping thousands of students. When you say career center, Is it the career center in the university campus or some thing specific outside the campus?

  4. you forgot to add QuietHire.com. Great Confidential employment site. Has Recent Graduate title option.

  5. The best way to find a job is through friends that you already know through college. Another good way for international students is the Career Center. Applying online through career websites gives you a very low chance of success, since there are so few positions for entry level employees.

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