Can I Borrow Money from Relatives for F1 Visa Interview?

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Is it possible to borrow money an from uncle for F1 Visa Interview? Will Visa Officer approve the visa?

I had an interesting conversation with one of the frequent readers of this blog. It was about visa, bank balance, and source of money.

I’m admitted at the University of Connecticut. Its fees is $23,534/yr and living expense. I have a bank loan of 15 Lakhs and liquid cash of 7L in my savings account. Plus assets and investments like PF, LIC, shares, property, etc. covering up to 16L. What are my chances of getting an F1 visa? Can you tell me the possibility?

You will need to show more liquid cash because you don’t have enough liquidity even for the first year. 8L per year is s good annual income for parents, but try to get more money into your savings account or in FD.

So would it be fine if I borrow money from my uncle and have it in my account. Will that be a problem in visa?

You can do that, but if they happen to ask the source of money, you should be able to talk about the source as the uncle.

Well, can I answer that I have borrowed it from my uncle for my study expense?

It’s possible to have you Parents and Uncle as the Sponsor for F1 Visa.

Then you would need to be ready for to answer the questions like:

  • Why is your uncle sponsoring you?
  • What is your uncle doing?
  • Do you have to pay back the uncle?
  • How would you pay back the uncle?
  • Will you have to pay back?
  • If you have to pay back, then do you have to work in the US to earn the money?

As you can see the line of questioning from the Visa Officer changes with the uncle as your sponsor. But, people have successfully got the F1 Visa approved with relatives as the sponsors.

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