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This post is to help everyone applying for OPT and STEM extension and submitting these will likely speed up your application:

All documents that are necessary and best way to order them according to USCIS instructions and personal opinion:

  1. Money order (best option)/ check
  2. Photos
  3. On the Back of the Photo
    1. SEVIS number
    2. Your Name
  4. G-1145 (highly recommended but not mandatory)
  5. Completed Form I-765 (Sign the form using blue ink)
  6. I-20 (some DSOs give two copies of i20s. One for you and one for the application. If possible request your DSO.
  7. For STEM extension: Copies of previous EAD card, I-797 approval notice and the letter with the barcode that comes with
  8. The EAD card.
  9. Copy of I94 page (internet printout)
  10. Copy of CPT employment in SEVIS. (Request your DSO if possible even if you didn’t do CPT)
  11. For STEM Extension
  12. Job offer from the employer.
  13. Copy of diploma and original transcript
  14. Copies of all previous i20s ( highly recommended).
  15. Copies of all pages of all passports.

Other Tips:

  1. Use sticky notes at the bottom of each item to indicate the type of document
  2. Don’t use the stapler. Use paper clips.
  3. Sign and date your continuation sheet for Form I-765.


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