Common Mistakes: OPT and STEM OPT Application

This article is a collection of common OPT and STEM OPT Application mistakes that one should avoid.

1. Forgot to Sign the Check 

I just sent my EAD packet to USCIS, and I forgot to sign the cheque what could be done?

forgot to sign ead opt check

Take a Money Order or Pay using Credit Card to avoid this mistake.

2. Sent Incorrect Check

If there is a problem with payment of $410 (wrong check / no balance).

How long will USCIS take to reject the application? How will they send reject notice?
If rejected, will they mail the packet back to mailing address?
If I know that, I messed up with payment, should I just resend it asap or is it better to get rejected and reapply only after USCIS reject notice to avoid duplicate application?


opt incorrect check

3. Forgot to Write the Name and SEVIS on the Photo

forgot to write name and sevis number step opt photo

It is not a mandatory requirement to write the name and the SEVIS number at the back of your photo. They ask you to write your name and SEVIS number just in case if they are separated from your application package.

4. Using Incorrect I-765 Form Version

incorrect i765 form version

USCIS has a specific deadline for each form version when they have introduced a new form. Please check for the Form Version and use the correct form.

i765 form version expiry date


5. Submitting Photocopy for I-765

opt ead application mistakes photocopy of form

I think you should be alright with the photocopy of the form. As a general rule, always sign with Blue Ink Pen (like Uniball Pen).

Page 14 of I-765 instructions have the following details about Photocopy of Signature.

i-756 photocopy form


Suggestions Before Filing EAD Application

Double check 3 things: (1) fees, (2) form version (3) signatures.

Fees, make sure the date on the check is recent (within 30 days of submission). Make sure it’s the right amount.

Form version, make sure you download the latest version.

Signatures make sure you sign the application form properly. If all three are taken care of then the application will not be rejected.

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