Is Bank Statement Required with Full Tuition Waiver?

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I have been admitted for PhD program in Genetics in Clemson University. I have the F1 Visa interview for PhD. Do we need to show the bank account statement for the interview ? In my I20 they have the following

  • Teaching Assistant + Wavier =  $32,500
  • Total Expenses = $27,000

I’m opting for US Chennai Consulate. Also, I have received an admit from Stony Brook University with Full scholarship and stipend for the PhD in Marine Sciences (though I have not received I-20 yet) However, I had a fairly low GRE score, though my TOEFL score was good (107) I have the following queries:

  • Do I need a bank statement during my visa interview?
  • Will my GRE score be of any kind of hindrance during my Visa interview? If yes, what kind of questions might I face?

To sum up, if an international student receives a scholarship, is bank statement required?

Bank Statement for F1 Visa with Full Scholarship

Full Tuition waiver with admission is awesome.

When appearing for F1 Student Visa interview, VO check if you have sufficient funds to complete your degree.

I have seen students with full waiver who had the bank statement.

VO will check for 3 important things with a student appearing for the visa interview

  1. Enough Money to fund the education
  2. Academically proficient enough to complete the degree
  3. Would you come back (or potential immigrant)

Having tuition waiver answers 1 and 2 above.

Having said that, you can still take bank statement with what balance do you have. they are not going to ask, if you have the balance, take it with you.

Most likely VO will not check those documents since you already have a tuition waiver. But, its better to safe and prepared for the worst case.

Since you are going for Ph.D. in Genetics, you might get Administrative Processing 221(g) asking to submit additional documents like the resume, project details.

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