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Green Card in EB3 Not EB2 with Masters Degree. But Why EB3?

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Question: My employer is working on applying for my Green Card. I have a Masters Degree in the US. But, my employer is applying for the Green Card in EB3. How can I convince my employer to apply in EB2?

Green Card in EB2 with Masters Degree

The news that Employer is going to file your Green Card in EB3 would come as a shocking news for several Green Card applicants.

And you can’t blame your employer on this case.

As you are interviewing for the job, it’s your duty to find out if this job qualifies for EB2 employment.

And Employers tend to file the Gree Card after the employee has completed a few years of employment with them. By the time, the green card process starts with the current employer, you might have used 3 to 5 years on your H-1B Visa. So, you probably don’t have a shot at changing the employer.

Assuming that your Green Card would be filed in EB2 if you have Masters Degree is Absolutely Wrong.

This is a rookie mistake.

If you want to learn more about the Green Card Process and how to better prepare for the process and how to navigate the EB2 vs EB3, switching job while Green Card is in the process and potential wait times, check out this Course – Green Process Overview for F1 and H1B Visa Holders.

Your qualification matters, but if the job requirements don’t meet the EB2 requirements, then your Green Card will not be filed under EB2 Category.  Check out Green Card Steps for EB2, EB3 and EB1.

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