H1B is Approved But Employer Terminated my Employment (Laid Off)

I ran into an issue with my H1 B. My H1B is approved from an employer and starts from Oct 1st, 2018. But my employer terminated my employment on Sept 17th, 2018. Murthy Law firm said 60 day H1 grace period will not apply to my case and I have to leave the country before Oct 1st to avoid unlawful status. I have a Tesla offer letter starts from Oct 15th, 2018. What all the possible options I have.

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You should ask Tesla to file your H-1B transfer using the approved petition. You do have to leave before September 30. You may also try to inform your DSO that your employment was terminated and enroll in another F-1 program to continue your status, although this route is not recommended. I definitely will advise against using CPT. Since there is no premium processing, the huge disadvantage is that Tesla will have to agree to wait for your H-1b petition to be approved before letting you start work, which is a challenge if they really need you to start right away. Large corporate employers generally won’t wait. If you find another employer who can file a transfer petition for you, you should have them do it right away. My understanding is that since your H-1b is approved, there is a chance to transfer it even if you did not work for the original petitioner.

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