H1B Visa Expert Opinion Letter- Before or After RFE?

H1B Approved! ? Finally!

Masters, Premium, California center.

Initially got RFE (specialty occupation), replied on 22nd july.

Others with the same RFE, try to include a expert opinion letter along with regular documents to prove that your job is aligned with your course of study.

Question: Should an Attorney Include Expert Opinion Letter along with initial H1B Visa filing or once RFE is received.

Here are some of the answers from the member’s discussion from the FB Group.

Whats an expert opinion letter?

A qualified professor/expert evaluates and attests that your job is a specialty occupation and is aligned with your course of study.  Submit documents asked by HR like itinerary of services, project description, and work break down, which has a mapping of sequence of study and work tasks.

Did you request that letter from one of your university professors?

  • Not from the university professor. The attorney arranged it for me. I guess there are few professors or experts qualified to do that. Your attorney should know better.

From what I have seen, Immigration attorney’s may not include the Expert Opinion Letter along with with initial H1B Visa filing (maybe added expenses).

But, where there’s a Speciality Offucation RFE, they would get an Expert Opinion Letter.

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