H4 to F1 COS Approved – F1 Visa Stamping – Approval Chances?

I got my COS approval from H4 to F1 in April’19. Now I am planning to visit India for Stamping in December after completing my second semester. Is it fine to travel now? Are there any chances of rejection? Anyone has recently travelled from stamping or planning to travel after COS approval? If it gets rejected, 


  • Only the Visa Officers can determine if they can approve your F1 visa
  • H4 to F1 Visa – There are success and denial experiences you can find
  • If you make a strong case as to why you need to switch from H4 to F1, then you can get the Visa.
  • Most H4 to F1 applicants struggle to give a true and relevant answer.
  • And looking for the magical answer is not the right way.
  • Speak the Truth and Facts, confidently.
  • Use These 20 Questions as a Guide to Plan Your H4 to F1 Visa Conversion



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