How to Apply for F2 to F1 Change of Status COS?

I’m on my F2 Visa and planning to convert to F1 Visa. I’ve got an admit to Colorado Technical University. I spoke to college management. They are saying that there are 2 ways to convert from F2 to F1
1. University could help me to fill out the forms needed and we send that to USCIS.
2. University itself can convert me from F2 to F1 directly and claiming that we don’t need to mail any documents to USCIS.

This university is following 2nd way to convert from F2 to F1 Visa. Does it happen like that? Is this something to trust?

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Here’s the discussion from the FB Group.

Change of Status can be done within the USA by filing I-539 form with USCIS. That’s Option #1.

Please consult an Immigration Attorney to make sure you are not going out of status.

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