How to Book GRE With a Longer Name?

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I have to register for GRE, but ETS doesn’t allow to register with a longer name (space are allowed these days). I have read a blog post of yours about multiple first and last names. But I am still uncertain in my case. Here is how my name appears in the passport.

  • Given name – Rxxxx Bxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxx
  • Surname – Axxxxxxx

How should I specify my name? ETS only allows 22 characters in a text box. Can I specify as First name – RxxxxBxxxxxxxxxxxx and Surname – RxxxxxAxxxxxx

In this case, the surname as in passport and this surname differs. Does it pose any problem?

Book GRE Dates – Lengthy Names

According to ETS, you should book GRE using the following name

First name – Rxxxx Bxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxx  (with spaces)
Surname – Axxxxxx

If the name gets cut off, it is not a problem.

Follow the instructions, don’t invent or assume a new process. Enter as many characters as possible.

Having multi-part of first name cut will be less problematic than having a totally new name.

Read this Article to Learn More – What First and the Last Name to Use when registering for the GRE Test.

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