How to Find if Change of Status COS Petition with H1B is Approved?

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After H1B Visa is approved, how do you confirm if your Change of Status petition is also approved?

Hi guys, I recently got my H1B Visa approved on Oct 18th (lawyer just sent an email stating this). I have few questions though if you could help. I checked my SEVIS account last night and it shows opt as inactive.

How do I understand my COS is approved? Does it happen automatically? Or you get separate receipt notice with h1b receipt notice?

Since my SEVIS shows OPT as inactive, does it mean I am already in H1B status starting from Oct 18th? Or I am out of status?

I have started my application for STEM OPT with my school? What do I do about that? Should I hold it and let them know after I receive the notice from my lawyer?

If there is an I94 attached to your approval notice then you can assume your COS is approved. It also says in the first line the status of the COS
No need to apply for STEM OPT anymore. Just let your school know

The H1B Visa approval notice (I-797) will provide the I94 number on it as well as the duration of the period of time the H1B was granted for.

Your SEVIS record is generally completed once your petition has been approved but check with your DSO for this information.

Talk to your DSO about STEM OPT. You can withdraw the petition for STEM OPT if your H1B Visa is approved.

Follow-up Comment 

I checked with DSO and she says my SEVIS is completed and she got the notification. They have already stopped processing my i20 for stem opt. She looked into SEVIS event history and she was able to see something about cos approved.


  • If I94 is attached to H1B Visa approval notice, then your COS is approved.
  • If I-94 is not attached, then COS is not approved.
  • If I-94 is not attached, but SEVIS Record is terminated, then your DSO should talk to SEVIS contact to sort things out.


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