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How to Get Drivers License in the USA?

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Threes steps to get the Drivers License in the USA

  1. Learn how to drive – If you don’t know how to drive
  2. Pass the Written Test at your local DMV
  3. Pass the Road Driving Test

The process of completing the Written Test and Road Test varies by the State. I got my first license in Texas and since then I have moved to Florida and North Carolina.

Drivers License in Texas

  • Written test
  • Road Test

Drivers License in Florida

  • Pass the Written Test
  • Issued FL DL

Drivers Licence in North Carolina

  • Completed Written Test
  • Issued NC Driving License

When you relocate to the new State, you are required to switch the Drivers License to that State and also Register your vehicles in that state. DMV would require Address and Insurance proof.

What Documents Are Required for Drivers License?

  • Address/Residency proof
  • I-20 or H-1B Approval Notice or EAD Card, etc.
  • Form I-94 (printed from website)
  • Passport
  • Valid visa or Receipt Notice of pending application

Procedure within the DMV

  • Download the Drivers License Handbook from your State’s DMV website.
  • Study for the Written Test.
  • Go to any DMV near you.
  • Get your documents verified.
  • Complete the written test. The vision test is required before the Written Test
  • Once you clear the writing test, you can appear for the road test (some DMV’s allow same day Road Test)
  • You may need an appointment for both the test.

If you are on OPT/STEM OPT and your course date has expired, provide them with your current EAD card which has a future ending date. They will also check the 2nd page of the I-20.

Reader’s Experience:

  • The road test is pretty easy. My husband was tested on left turn, right turn, speed limits, reverse, few questions on uphill, downhill, and steering position.
  • No parallel parking technique was tested in Illinois State.
  • The examiner asked questions during middle of the road test

Each stage has their unique road test requirements. If possible connect with someone who got their Drivers License recently. Ask them to drive you on the exact road and directions, where the Road Test will be conducted.

The rules differ among the states. Please, double check with DMV and someone who got their DL recently.

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