Lost the STEM OPT EAD Card in Delivery – Next Steps?

What if we lost the STEM OPT EAD card in delivery, can we request to USCIS to reissue EAD or need to do the process again from the beginning?

In this KB, there are few related articles about Lost OPT Card. Please read.

Even after following the above solution, and you can’t find the passport, you would have to request New OPT EAD Card.

  • USCIS Will does not reissue the card. You have to initiate the process again. It happened with me and I spoke with USCIS and my DSO as well. They told me to submit all the documents again.
  • I had submitted I765 and USCIS told me to wait 30 days for the case review.
  • A mistake from USPS is costing $410.
  • Follow the discussion here.


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