OPT Approval Delay and Requested Start Date – When Will OPT Start?

Due to average 120 days OPT Processing time, your OPT Requested start date could be beyond the Approval Date. So, will you lose number of days on OPT?


See this example shared by a user.

opt start date - delayed approval

There you have it.

Just a piece of quick information about the start and end date for EAD card in case you get approval beyond your requested start date:

My requested start date (written in OPT I20): Aug 19, 2019

My requested end date (written in OPT I20): Aug 18, 2020

OPT approval date: Sep 3, 2019

Actual start date (form SEVP account): Sep 3, 2019

Actual end date (form SEVP account): Sep 2, 2020

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