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Question: I am graduating in December, and I want to apply for OPT in the month of October. Can I travel to India in November and be back by December 1st week. My graduation date is December 23rd. Even if I apply for OPT in October, can I travel while OPT is Pending?

Answer from a DSO:

As a DSO, I have had students that have done this.

Please let your DSO know what you are doing, we do like to be aware of departures in case something were to happen.

You will need to get the I-20 signed for travel and get that done sooner rather than later for your peace of mind and ours (DSO). Carry class schedule and immigration documents. Have fun and be safe!

Why Carry to Class Schedule?

At the Port of Entry, CBP officer could ask, how could you leave the country in the middle of your semester. So, you may need some documentation to prove that, you have permission from your professors or completed the coursework for the semester.

Additional Comments:

travel while opt is pending before graduation

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