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When Should I get My Drivers License in the USA?

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Short Answer: As soon as you can after entering the USA.

 “I’m on F1 Visa. I don’t plan on driving or buying a car for another 2 years, until I get a job, why do I have to get a Drivers License before I graduate?.”

My answer would still remain the same. you should get your Drivers License as soon as you can.


You need a Driving History!

Good Driving History = Lower Insurance Rate.

If you are less then 25 years of age, you should expect to pay high insurance cost for your car. If you buy a brand new car with your first job and you are 23, then you could be paying more than like $200 per month on Insurance alone.

A friend of mine got 2-year-old Honda Civic, then got Drivers License, then paid $225 per month on Car Insurance for few years!

What factors determine the Car Insurance Premium?

Driving History, Value of the Car, Drivers Age, and Insurance Options.

You have control over the Driving History. Even if you don’t plan on driving or buying a car anytime soon, having your Drivers License build your history.

Above All: I have seen students scramble to learn to drive a car or to get the Drivers License like a week before they MUST DRIVE to work or Internship!

Please, do yourself a favor and get your drivers license as soon as come to the USA.

Irrespective of when you get your Drivers License, you HAVE to Drive a Car in the USA. So, plan ahead and in the due process, save money with your Insurance as well.


Please don’t rent and drive a car without the Car Insurance. Recently, one of our Facebook Group Moderator found 4 Indian Students scrambling for help in Texas highway. They hit a deer on the road with a rental car, without a Car Insurance!


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