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When to Report Employment During OPT and STEM OPT?

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Warning: USCIS is looking for dates when the new employment or changes in employment are reported to the DSO and updated in the SEVIS Record. There could be RFE issued by USCIS when H1B Visa application is processed.

Here’s a word from aDSO:

The other RFE we are seeing is unusual. They are asking for evidence that an F-1 student reported employment details within the ten day requirement.

Same for STEM students as it pertains to 6/12/18/24 month verification.

An additional layer of complication is for STEM students who are also on cap-gap; since the application of cap gap to a STEM record will mess up the dates in SEVIS, there is a potential that you may not even realize that you missed a STEM reporting check in.

Talk to your DSO to make sure they send reporting reminders rooted around the correct dates. And for initial OPT, don’t take the ten day reporting rule lightly. Any material change needs to be updated within ten days of the event. This could save you from an RFE in the future.

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