Where to Get Health Insurance for H1B & H4 Visa

Regarding Health Insurance on H1B.

I had student health insurance until September 30, and from October 1 my H1B started, since my employer’s insurance premium is quite high (It’s a small company and they doesn’t offer group insurance) I opted to take insurance from outside and my employer will pay for the insurance.

Could someone please suggest me, from where I have to purchase insurance (for me and my wife)

Note: My wife’s F-2 to H-4 COS is pending

Health Insurance for H1B & H4:

Here are some options for you

  • Your first option should be the employer’s health insurance coverage.
  • Check the Plans at Visitors Coverage.
  • Health Insurance Market Place. You may qualify for enrollment in mid-year.
  • Direct from Insurance companies like United, BCBS, Aetna, etc.

Employer-Provided Insurance will be cheap and in the long run, find an employer who provides health insurance.

About 80% of health insurance cost is typically paid by the employer and the remaining 20% is paid by the employer.

For instance, for Family coverage, the total cost for good insurance will be around $20,000 per year and you will pay about $5,000 per year (deducted from your paycheck).

For a couple, your planned major expenses will be when having a baby. With good insurance (from my employer), we just paid $300 for the entire pregnancy. Some of our neighbors paid like $10,000 with private insurance.



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