Will US Embassy Know Previous Visa Interview Details?

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I completed my study in Canada and doing software job in Canada I will become citizen of Canada with 1 year, now I am an Indian national and I was rejected my visa in past due to cause of Fradulent bank statement now I want to settle in US as because my sister is also living there. Will changing citizen will know the previous details in US Embassy.

USA Visa and Fraudulent Documents

US Embassy will have all the details about you, your previous visa interview.

It doesn’t matter where you had your previous visa interview or what nationality you will be in the future. 

That information will outlive our life span.

If your visa was denied due to fraudulent documents, then it will be tough to get into USA ever again!

Well, you should have thought about the consequence of your actions.

There’s no point in worry about way to come into the USA, once you have been caught red-handed.

Please, learn from this experience and don’t try to use illegal means to get US Visa.

You might want to consult an immigration attorney to learn about your options if in case they have a ban for a period of time or permanent ban from entering the USA.

You can find several F1 Visa Interview experiences about people visa being denied due to fraudulent documents.

Why would you ever want to do that

I’m guessing, you paid a consultant to get a bank statement since you did not have sufficient funds?

That’s one of the common reasons for Indian students to use fake bank documents.

There are examples in the site, where F1 Visa was issued, then the student was called for the interview and handed over the Denial due to fraudulent bank documents.

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