How to Keep Yourself Motivated in College?

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I made this – How to Keep Yourself Motivated in College video as a follow-up video for the not so sexy part of studying in USA.

Video Notes

I addition to above 3 movies,  listening to upbeat songs helped me.

As I said before, staying motivated is key to successfully complete your education abroad.

Read this comment by Many posted in YouTube Comments to previous Video

Well That’s one of the reason why I came back from USA while I was studying in North West Missouri State University.[MS in Comp Sci.]

I have come across several other students who quit their degree program in USA, because they couldn’t handle the pressure.

You become strong and powerful, only when you overcome tough circumstances.  Don’t forget to read reasons whyy International Students in U.S. are Unique.

I can already see what kind of comments some of you are going to write.

Are you motivating or demotivating the future students who want to study in the USA? It’s quite pathetic to think that way. Please never demoralize us in this way.  – Eliza Karki

This is what I have to say to those who think this is demotivating with such ideas.

This is the reality. Get used to it. Don’t expect pampered life when you going to study in foreign country.It doesn’t matter whether you like it or not, I share the reality and I don’t paint rosy picture on how good things are in U.S.

Do you agree with me?

Now you know How to keep yourself motivated in college.

Stay Educated. Stay Motivated.


  1. Everywhere we face problems in our life.Even if you start working in your home country you face lot of problems in your corporate life.We need to learn from others’ experiences and go on.Life would be certainly boring if everything happens as you expected.

  2. The only relief is that you are not alone. Other students are also facing it and many faced earlier. So have to be positive. Even we don’t have time to watch inspirational movies or studying books some times. But have to work. You have to work, work but don’t have any expectations. I want to get A or financial aid, etc. Always prepare for the worst. You will be happy when things get good. If things go wrong you have already expected it. Why to worry about it then???

      1. Yeah.

        I really appreciate your idea of starting a blog and successfully educating the people about pros & cons, various procedures involved in US education and stay.

  3. Hey Raghu,

    Do you think only the students in USA face this?? Students in IITs, IIITs & NITshave to go through all these struggles except the part working part time. We all have gone through it and still don’t have the expected life. The positive part of USA is that at least you have lots of opportunities for Jobs. Also, good standard of living.

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