11 Least Recommended Colleges. I Wonder How #3 Made this List. It’s Crazy Actually.

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least recommended collegeOh Boy. Least Recommended Colleges list is here.

Methodology : If alumni from this colleges had a chance, they would have opted to study in different college.

This report was recently published by PayScale.com

Least Recommended College in Table Format

RankCollegeRecommendedStarting Salary
1Johnson & Wales University (JWU)41%$40,700
2Strayer University-District of Columbia45%$50,400
3University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP)48%$44,100
4University of Massachusetts (UMass) – Boston50%$46,100
4Montclair State University50%$41,100
6DeVry University – Chicago, IL52%$46,700
6Columbia College, Chicago52%$36,900
8University of Phoenix – Phoenix, AZ53%$43,700
9University of Hawaii at Manoa54%$41,000
10CUNY City College55%$47,200
10American Intercontinental University (AIU)55%$39,000

What do you think about this list?

Does it impact you decision to attend one of the above schools in future?


  1. do you have any any feedback about MBA at Central Michigan Univeristy

  2. I think that any of the for-profit universities are likely to be a bad deal, in general. They don’t tend to have the best reputations, and most people don’t take the degrees seriously at this point. IMO, it is far better to go to a “better” school, online, and likely cheaper. For instance, it would not be much more expensive to go to NC State’s MBA program, vs. University of Phoenix’s. But NC State’s program is a much better program.

  3. Why is everything related to money? u had better haven’t kept the salary section. I don’t want money or job. I want education.

    1. if you want only education. then you can take online classes from top universities for cheap. why go to us??

      1. Can I do practicals online? Can I gain experience online?
        Can I do the lab online? Plus, I would not like to strain my eyes. My field isn’t Social Science or literature. It’s engineering.
        And fr ur information, sometimes I even watch the videos of MIT courseware, although , m just a high-school graduate.

    2. OK,. Are you gonna stay in US , earning dollars or you gonna return back to India after getting a good education in the US? Just curious because I think good education and good salary are closely related.

      1. Well, it depends upon the circumstances. I aspire to work on some ideas( I skipped these ideas,’cause nothing concerns u). If In India, I could get the resources, i would return, and vice-versa.
        Earning dollars, job and salary aren’t even in the consideration.
        Money or job can never make u happy. Being free and doing what pleases u makes u happy

        1. I admit that I can’t be sure about anything. MY life is full of twist and turn. I don’t know what will happen after 4 or 5 years.

      2. I don’t wish to buy a big house, or a big vintage car. m a street guy, and I would prefer to be the way I am.

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