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  1. Air Traveler to USA (Student, Work or Business)
  2. Travel Experiences
  3. Booking Flight Tickets (To/From USA)
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1. Air Travel to U.S.A.

For any first time travelers to USA, shopping and packing is one of exciting phase of your journey to USA. Student traveller’s are on budget and have different set of needs compared to Temp Workers on those who fly on Business.

Shopping for USA Trip

List of Items to Pack for USA for Students

List of Items to Pack to U.S.-bound Students

Packing for Trip to USA


Be Careful before book your flight tickets.

  • Cheapest Ticket is NOT the BEST Ticket.

If you are flying for the first time to America, don’t look for the cheapest ticket.  Find the ticket that is Easy, Convenient and provides you less trouble.

Example: I would be willing to pay extra to avoid Chicago during Winter time. Why? Chances of snow storm and delayed flight is highly likely. Get more such tips in Pre-Departure Orientation Course (video based).

Travel agent are known to issue some tickets without taking your level of comfort into to account (and inconvenience).


Here’s link to articles to learn in detail about booking flight tickets to and from America for Air Travelers.

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You have started your Journey to America. Sweet!  I still remember with snapshot of image of my first trip via Lufthansa BusinessClass from Chennai to Frankfurt. Here’s more tips for you to remember when you fly.

  1. Know where you have stowed your cabin bags.
  2. Keep your passport, tickets on cabin suitcase or back pack.
  3. You can store the bag on the overhead bins.
  4. Drink lots of water  ( How to Avoid Jet Lag )
  5. Sleep (if you can) or watch movies.
  6. Speak Up, if you need HELP.

At Transit:

  1. Reset your watch to local time.
  2. Find the next flight time, terminal and gate (after you get out of flight)
  3. First go to the Next Terminal.
  4. Then if you have time between the flight, you can relax.
  5. Ask for help if you are lost ( even if you aren’t as well)
  6. Beware of your surroundings.
  7. Don’t accept to watch others bags (strangers or people you met on the plane)
  8. Use the restroom (remember, Toilet will only have Tissue Papers, unless you are flying via Middle East).
  9. If you are hungry, EAT.

You can find lot more tips (over 4 hours of video contents in Pre-Departure Orientation Course).

You made it. You landed in America.  Next up? Port of Entry Procedures.

  1. Exit the Flight and Head to Immigration Counter
  2. Clear Immigration
  3. Then Collect Your Bags.
  4. Clear Customs
  5. Then Exit Airport go to Connecting Flight

If you think you will miss the connecting flight, don’t panic. Talk to airline agent, they will sort it out for you.

Immigration and Customs official will not speed-up their process because you might miss the connecting flight. Their job is to protect the country. It’s ok if you would miss the flight. You can always get the next flight. So, don’t rush. Stay clam and composed during Immigration and Customs.

Here’s link to additional resources

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