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  1. Sir,

    Now I'm in my 3rd Btech. I would like to apply for fall-2011 in any University to persue Msc. So,

    1.when should i take GRE,Toefl?

    2.Suppose if the university put November 1st as dead line for applying, when should i mail my application to them?

  2. Hi,

    I have applied to a University which gives me GRE and TOEFL waiver. Along with this I have 5+ yrs of IT experience.

    Do I still have to write GRE, TOEFL for my F1 visa interview?

    If yes, do they expect any minimum score for those exams? Please reply me ASAP.

  3. Hello,

    Unfortunately, I did not catch the chat-online, but it sounds great. Any way I will address my questions and hopefully I will get the accurate answers.

    1. I am looking for a Master degree, My GPA is 2.86/4 and I have 6 years experience. Is there any good ranked USA universities that accept me as international students in the field of (Master of Health/ Hospitals administration) or a similar HealthCare Admin programs with out requirement of GRE or GMAT at all? Or may be, if I’m not mistaken, this type of universities is considered academically at poor level.

    2. on the other hand, I did a deep and long investigations for many different universities ( I go over around 50 US universities) seeking for a certain specialty and I could not find it, can any one help in this, the specialty that I am looking for is (Master Degree in HealthCare Quality) with the following must conditions:

    • On-campus study bases

    • Full-time program

    • (morning sessions for classes not must but are extremely preferable for me)

    Thanks for helping me,,,


  4. I got a GRE score of 1150 and TOEFL is 85 .Wat are the universities in pharmacy that i can apply for .please also specify the universities with 'Analytical Chemistry'that i can apply for

  5. sir i got sat scores cr -580 maths -700 cw- 590 total-1870

    and i want to try in virginia tech,north carolina state university ,university of massachusetts amherst and texas a & m u.

    but my scores of cr and cw are between the scores shown in college 500-610 for cr and 520-620 for cw .my gpa of 10th is 4 ,11th 3.8 and 12th is 3.0 so is there is any chance for get in

  6. sir i got toefl ibt score 16+18+20+18=72 so can i give it again because my college require minimum marks 79 .or if i will request for recheck so is there any chance that it will increase from 72 to 79.

  7. sir for sat score reports is it neccesary to order paper reports along with online order because i heard that it is necessary to send paper scores along with documents after sat online repots reached there.

  8. Actually I want to complete PhD (in USA). so what time i can apply? Further more I didnt write GRE and TOEFL.

  9. i m neelima, i m having 69% marks in M.Sc. and i scored 910 in GRE and 90 in TOEFl.Can i get admission in any U.S university and is there will be any problem in getting Visa(because of less GRE score)

  10. i raghu im santosh as i said yesterday im havin ssc of 48% and diploma of 50% and of 54% toefl is 80+and gre is 800+ do i have any chance of gettin i20

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