Guide: Buying Home vs Renting While on OPT & H1B Visa

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Let me tell you a Story (True Story).

Let's got back in time to January 2007.

I had just relocated to North Carolina from Florida a couple of months back.

I rented a 2 Bedroom Apartment for $775 per month in RTP Area. 

I found a roommate who had just graduated from UNC Charlotte and started working in my team.

And I decided to Buy a Home within 2 months of relocating to North Carolina. 

I, in fact, was looking to buy a townhome in Florida in 2005.

I'm sure you will believe me if I show you the emails from 2005.

Plus, to let you know, I graduated from Masters in Aug 2005. So, I was looking to buy a home, right after I graduated from a Masters Degree and while working my First job as an Entry Level Software Engineer.

You might be thinking If I'm Crazy or What?

My Salary back then was $48,000 in Florida.


Back to January 2007.

So, at friends get together, I was having a conversation with a group of friends (all single guys and girls).

I mentioned that I'm in the process of buying a home.

Everyone stopped for a second and looked at me.

You know what I'm talking about. Right?

Shocked! Confused! 

I can read their minds.

"You just moved to NC and you plan to buy a home. And not to mention, you are still Single."


This friend of mine started talking about

  • Opportunity Cost of Buying vs Renting
  • Why I shouldn't buy a home
  • Reasons why I should rent

In short - I got the gist of the conversation.

I'm Making a HUGE Mistake!

I was like, "I was planning to buy for a home 2 years ago!  I have done my research and I'm going to buy a home".

And I was on H1B Visa back then.

And I purchased a Single-Family Home by end of Jan 2007.

Within 4 weeks of having the above exchange.

By the way, can you guess what that friend ended up doing?

He purchased a home in the same community, right across from our street after a few months!


What About You?

Should you buy a home while on OPT or H1B Visa?

That's what we will cover in this Live Webinar.

Let's talk in detail on the following topics

  • Pros of Buying a Home
  • Cons of Buying a Home
  • True Cost of Buying a Home
  • How Much Money do you need for Down Payments
  • Risks of Buying a Home on OPT & H1B Visa
  • How to Save Money on Mortgage
  • Home Appreciation vs Expenses
  • Practical Reasons Compared - Renting vs Buying
  • The Cost of Selling a Home
  • Answers to Pre-Submitted Questions

So, I can give the pros and cons of buying and financing a home, mortgage, visa issues, etc.

When I bring up this conversation to someone who got H1B Approved, they are like, I hear the following

  • I'm not married!
  • I don't have the Money!
  • Don't people lose a lot of money?
  • I'm not sure if I can buy a home without Green Card


I have owned a home since Jan 2007.

Our Home Price has appreciated about $100,000 since we purchased.

That's about $9,000 per year in Home Value Appreciation.

Here's the screenshot from Zillow about our home value over the past 5 years.


Now, in the same 5 years, if I had paid a Rent of $1200. Let me simple Math.

  • 5 Years of Rent = $72,000

That money is gone. You are not getting it back

Instead of Paying the Rent, I paid the Mortgage (with interest and equity).

Valur Appreciated as well.

I would get that money back when I sell the Home.


Are you thinking yet?


Let me give detailed math and comparison in this Live Webinar.


I'm sure, you have a ton of questions about buying a home or risks of buying a home.


Maybe not a home, but a Condo or a Town Home. Let's talk about those question you have on your mind in this Live Webinar.


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Learn Why Buying a Home Might Be a Good Investment. 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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