Complete the Application for College Planning

College Planning happy schools application
What to expect in the Roadmap Meeting for 7th to 10th graders?

We will do the following when we meet to create the College Roadmap plan for your child. 

  1. Academic:
    1. Course Planning - Create a Course Matrix for four years of High School (Academic Rigor)
    2. Test Prep:  SAT/ACT Testing - When to and how to prep. 
    3. Identify student's interests (Potential Majors and Career Plans)
  2. Activities:
    1. Review of student's interests or help the family identify the student's interests 
    2. Create a plan for High School (Activities and Summer)
  3. Paying for College:
    1. Review of the impact of income/assets on college admissions
    2. Identify ways to maximize need-based financial aid 

If your child is in 10th or below and wants to meet with us frequently, you can schedule 1:1 (paid) meetings as required. I'm exploring additional ways to offer extended services for students from all grades. 

What are the fees to work with Happy Schools?

We have 1:1 Roadmap Planning meetings and College Application Package for 11th graders. Sessions start from $150 for 30 minutes, and for 11th graders, the package starts from $3700.

How to schedule the meetings?
  • Step 1: Submit the application
  • Step 2: Schedule the meeting (Paid and Free Intro session)

After you apply, you will be redirected to a page to schedule the meetings. 

Submit College Planning Application

  • If possible list the colleges under 3 categories: Dream, Target, Safety
  • Parents' Education, Line of Work, Special Circumstances, Challenges, etc


Email: [email protected]