Join Premium Membership to Access F1 Visa, OPT Facebook Group

Frequently Asked Questions

Looks like this is an Open, Public Group, Why Should I Pay to Join?

This F1 Visa, OPT/STEM OPT Facebook Group is part fo and we have kept the group open, so it will get more visibility and help those who can't join this group.  It's a Public group, but heavily moderated and Spam free. 

What's Included with This Premium Lite Membership?

Premium Lite Membership includes access to this group. Regular Premium Membership includes a lot more benefits in comparison. 5 Bonus Courses, Live Premium Webinars for Free comes with Premium Membership. You have an option to Upgrade as part of this checkout Process. 

Will I get an Answer for Questions I Post?

This membership includes access to the group and your ability to ask questions. We can't say for sure how many replies will be there for your question no guarantee any replies. But, most member's question gets multiple replies. 

What is the Refund Policy?

We are giving you access to the community hosted as a FB Group and there's no refund fo any sorts after the checkout for Premium Lite Membership. You can send us an email to cancel future billing and renewal before the payment renews. Once the annual bill is processed and payment is complete, there's no refund. 

How to Contact the Support?

This group is part of Refund Policy and Terms are located at You can also send us email [email protected] with any questions. 

Follow the FB Group Policies, Please.

After joining the group, members are required to read and follow the Group Policies. Members violating the policies could be removed the group and there's no refund once a member is removed.