MS in USA After MBA in India : Here’s My Journey

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With less than 1 month of GMAT preparation, he scored 730. He wanted to be an investment banker / analyst in Wall Street.

He’s currently in school with full scholarship studying for an M.S. in finance.

He landed in Chicago, looked around, and said, “Wow, I’m in the U.S.”

The following pictures will show you why there was a “WOW Factor”. Well, he looked around and found eye-catching images, which words cannot describe…

It’s not just the pretty girls at the Navy Pier, beautiful downtown and nightlife, but it’s the inspiration and the desire to succeed, as well as the dream to reach new heights that drive him.

He’s a good old friend of mine, we went to school together and was my undergrad roomie. He was a playful, funny college guy, well known for his quantitative, analytical skills and other off-curricular skills.

I really cannot include all that he’s well-known for.

I remember when I had to convince him to take the Maths semester exam during the 3rd year.

He was planning to take a back log since he was not able to prepare for the exam the night before (around midnight), and ended up getting 60-something marks.

MBA from IIT

His dream was to become a good manager and decided to attend IIM, but fell short and landed in IIT MBA. He’s not fond of programming, even though his background was in IT.

He spent 15 months to find a good coaching center like NIIT, Aptech…that will teach him programming.

“Mangers don’t write codes” was his usual response. He did certainly know how to print “Hello World”.

He’s like everyone else who came to this land of opportunity and freedom. I have asked him to write about his MBA experience in India and how his M.S. in finance had changed the perspective towards his life and education.

If you have any questions about MBA and M.S. in finance, job opportunities and courses,.. write a comment in this article and he will be glad to include the answers in his article.

But He needs your Help

The following is an email I received from him recently:

Need advice from you.

There was this beautiful sweater I bought from India, because the U.S. is so cold and I happily washed it in the machine today…

It brings tears in my eyes to tell you the size to which it has shrunk… (This was never in any basic IQ book I ever came across with in my life) and I spent 2,000 bucks to learn of this news.

And now I am 1 sweater down plus i have to get a new one…

If you have any knowledge about resuscitation, please mail me.

Thank you with a heart full of shrunken warmth.


If u can’t, then wait for woolen hankies for Christmas from me…

-Sana (name changed)

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  1. Hi,

    Finally I got the article which spoke my mind too (and hence this 1st post). I am a software professional having 4 years of experience and even I believe in the statement “managers don’t write code” (due to my *&^[email protected] bull-headed manager).

    I have some questions regarding MS in finance. They say Americans prefer ‘the Americans’ when it comes to medicine, law and finance and that is what makes job hunt process painful for above mentioned professionals. I am interested in pursuing MS in finance. If it’s true that finding a job is indeed difficult then (with heavy heart and hope that I would not come across such a negative manager ever after) I would go for MS in comp sci. (which is said to be much safer).

    In your article it would be great if you provide mention your experience while doing MS.

    I hope to see your article soon.


  2. hi this is harsha

    i am a grad and i want to switch my career to a new direction and i like finance, so i thought i should do but when i approached some people they adviced me that u will be given less chances of job if u do when compared to i am confused what to do now.
    please tell me which is better to study finance and also the job availability

  3. Hi,
    I have just completed my engineering. So can I apply to MS in Finance now or do I need work experience ?

    Im an MBA aspirant but since that requires work experience I have decided to do an MS in Engineering first. MS in Finance seems like a good option. So tell me which course is more suited to do an MBA in future – MS in Finance or MS in Engineering?

    1. Hi im an Engg graduate with 1+ yrs of experience in IT…My career goal is to do an MBA from a premier institute….unfortunately i was unable to get in to any top MBA college…im planning to do MS finance from US universities…does the MS finance course has value and help me in getting good finance jobs…pls reply

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