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A Mediocre Guy : I Work 17 Hours per Day To Reach My Goals

Raghuram Sukumar Study in USA 49 Comments

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Hello everyone! I have been following HSB for a long time now.

Naturally I went through a lot of posts and related comments,questions,tales (well of both HOPE AND DESPAIR). This is my first article or post as we love to refer and naturally I am nervous so please excuse me for any stupidity!

goals dreams hardowrk

I want to talk about “Situations” and their implication on our life! What do people actually think or expect when they join Engineering?

Lets list them:

  1. “I will become a xyz specialist and will work for ABC(generally the best in the business)  company”
  2.  “I will get a highly paid job(here there is no intention of being a specialist) “
  3.  “I will do extreme research in the field of PQR and will be professing in one of the  world’s best Universities and renowned firms would be sponsoring my research”
[A shameless plug here: I was in type 3(still am!LOL!)]

But its a fact when we talk of majority that during our study our priorities change,MOSTLY due to SITUATIONS.

Situations like

  • lack of conducive environment
  • lack of resources
  • lack of guidance

The last cause is actually sometimes a result of other three but is THE single most DESTRUCTIVE reason for anyone’s failure.

Every person faces situations where he/she faces the difficulties mentioned in i) to iii) but some wilt and some excel (like the legend Vidyasagar[used to read under lamp posts on roads] or someone from a extremely rural village like Mani Lal Bhowmik (ASTRO PHYSICIST if i am not wrong)].

So whats my point?


If your condition or situation needs you to give double the effort you are used to giving then take up a challenge to give TRIPLE the effort you are used to giving.

Most students in India have EXAM-PHOBIA including me.

I really get nervous. But why?

  • The teaching process is faulty.
  • The exams aren’t designed well.


You have never been to US and definitely not used to their teaching style!! You have been in India from the day you were born,then you should be used to it!!

ITS THE LACK OF EFFORT ITS THE LACK OF THE URGE TO LEARN (although the above reaons are definitely valid),we sort of always worry about grades don’t we?? I do!
In my 3rd year of engineering “MS in US” came to my mind! But soon found out the huge cost and uncertainty of funds etc etc.

Naturally I got depressed and nearly gave up the dream. But recently one of my friends went to Texas A&M university and she gave me every bit of details that I didn’t know back then.

So that was an encouragement but I had not prepared for GRE and had already taken up a practical training course on embedded systems and hence virtually I didn’t have time anymore, but I changed my thinking process and took it up as a challenge.


Photo Credit – I Work Hard.

Now I am back on track:

  • preparing for GRE
  • doing embedded systems training (6 hrs of grueling classes and self study later on)
  • learning Python
  • going deep into VLSI (as I am fond of the paper but unfortunately didn’t have it in BTech).

I simply hated aptitude questions! The cause I had forgotten almost all high school maths and could not solve well enough and then felt disgusted! But now I have decided to face it head on and to my surprise i am not bad at all, yeah not exceptional yet!!

And I am not the son of Einstein mind you!

Its tough to manage ohhhh it really is!!!

I wake up at 6:30 and start studying from 7am and it continues till 2am.


So guys just step on the gas and toil and toil hard!!


I am really sorry for such long post but felt like I should share the ENTHUSIASM which I regained after the initial set back!


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    1. Heyy thanks!! So shud i wish U all d best too! coz i hope i have been able to motivate you

  1. when you start hitting critics.. means you are growing…

    so you hit one more..
    nah.. the truth is.. i envy you dev.. how can u pull off a 17 hrs stretch.. i can hardly study 4-5 hrs a day 🙁 once i tried the 48hrs library marathon.. it resulted in me not studying for the next whole week and moreover i remembered only around 25% of what i studied during that stretch.. so now i shifted to random 4-5hrs a day approach..

    i still want to work 17hrs a day… someday someday…


    1. Come on i wrote his article to find comments which would read – “I will too”!!! Not I cant!!! Its just about twisting your thinking process a bit! thats it!!

  2. Wow, 17 hours !!!! I can’t even think of doing it myself !! Favor me, please tell me how do you manage to stick on 1 chair for 17 hours??? How do you concentrate the whole time??? and how do you manage to avoid all the distractions ?????

    1. Damn! You got me wrong! 17 hrs is not like 17 hrs on a chair and into books!! u cant do that! u have to relax too! like 5 mins break after 45 mins or an hour!

  3. dude you sound like a kid. You’re making it sound as if you are some gladiator preparing for a great fight. you need to take it easy….its not that big a deal…writing a standardized test and getting admission is the easiest step in the process….before that my suggestion is sit down and figure out who you are and what it is you want…what are your aims?? what is it that drives you ….its a myth that the way to america is a to become an engineer…the way to america is to be good and in the top 10% of whatever field you choose….i.e if you wanna be in america to begin with ….
    there are a 100,000 indian students that come to the US…. every year…but you need to set your self apart from the rest….is your aim in life to jus get a software job in some shitty boring american city?? or do you have a bigger purpose…an ambition….a goal to achieve something that has not been achieved earlier???
    think it about deeply and think about it hard….also….GRE and GMAT are aptitude tests…studying 2-4 hours a day over 2-3 months is the way to go about it…just rote learning isnt gonna cut it for you

    1. >>>>Yeah so now I am back! Now first thing I am no gladiator! I am only 5’7” and they used to be much taller and stronger!! Now coming to the analysis part you said! Absolutely true!! If we want to study in the US then we must evaluate ourselves i the sense what actually we are looking for! So that is well said!!! BUT DONT U THINK THAT WHOEVER APPLIES FOR AN US UNI WAnTS TO DO WELL AND NOT GET INTO AN IT COMPANY!! India already has a scores of IT companies so why invest 35 lakhs or so???? So i think your argument with this point is IMMATURE! We have already done that!!!

      >>>>Now the topic of ROTE learning!!!! I WILL POST AN ARTICLE ON THIS PLEASE DO READ IT!!

      >>>> Now the most important thing!!! I was not talking about GRE!! I was talking of situations!! I was talking about how NOT to CRUMBLE under PRESSURE and PANIC but utilise your hardship to FUEL you! SO U GOT YOUR BASIC WRONG!!!

      I am not ATTACKING you my friend!! I really value your concept of ANTI-ROTE-LEARNING and will post an article please read it!

  4. Hey Dev..thanks for posting such an inspiring story!
    you said “But recently one of my friends went to Texas A&M university and she gave me every bit of details that I didn’t know back then.”..can you please share some details with us? specially about the funding opportunities there..?
    thanks in advance! 🙂

  5. splendid,marvelous ..its been a long time since i have seen such a post depicting each and every micron a student undergoes at the verge of his life …dont have words to explain ..superb 😀 . am telling you ,this is a real confidence booster..even am pretty much in situation similar to urs…forunately i have come to a decision to take up my gre and toefl classes very soon..guys nt only DEV..but if there is any person who has an inspiring story or experience to tell. do share it ..HSB has been my inpiration and will continue to be ..HSB gave me hopes and confidence that even i can pursue masters abroad..great work HSB ..

  6. Nice post Dev!
    Takes me through the situation I am in as a grad student. 17 hours is freaking man, great going. Should push myself more!
    Your post reminds me of one of Bruce Lee’s quotes – “If it kills you, it kills you. A man must constantly exceed his level”
    Keep up the good work, and yeah you don’t seem to be mediocre to me 🙂

    1. Yeah Lee was a man who always tried outdo himself only!! WELL THATS WHY HE WAS A FIGHTER!!!

  7. Good post.Very positive.I am in a situation right now where studying for long hours like you is the only option.It seemed difficult, but this post gave me hopes..!!!and i agree with what you said about confidence and perseverance. I am glad i came across this post at the right time!! Thank you for writing this post…

  8. You are completely correct. Most of us have lack of confidence regarding studies abroad. Add to that the false rumors going around about life in countries outside India, most of the students will get deterred. It is vital to not loose confidence and not to give in to pressure due to false information. I too faced a lot of ‘resistance’ in the form of wrong info and had almost given up. But thanks to USIEF and HSB, I’m back on track. So guys: Never Give up!

    A minor correction: Mani Lal Bhaumik was from an extremely poor family in a remote village in West Bengal. He is an experimental Physicist and also the co-inventor of LASIK (used in Laser eye surgery)[Not an astrophysicist]. He currently resides in Beverly Hills, CA. [Source: His autobiography ” Code Name GOD”. A very good read. Highly motivational. Though this book is ultimately about the similarity in the goals of Science and Spirituality, the first 2/3rd of this book is about his life and the extreme hardships he conquered to reach the position he is in today.]

  9. Thanks HSB for posting it!!! didnt expect so many comments!! It was a “product” of my emotions at that time!! Anyway thank u all! wud be posting something soon!

  10. That is a great write up. Thanks for putting you time into, so other could take inspiration from you. 17 Hours a day (wow!) – I salute you. Eggs me on further to put more effort into what I am kind of struggling to achieve.

    This is the kind of stuff, I hope to see on HSB, instead of the demotivating accounts and too-much-money-job oriented stuff that HSB is gradually indulging into.

    1. No no dont salute me!! there thousands of others from whom I draw inspiration!! And btw HSB is a GREAT blog!! Try to analyze it in every aspect u will find that HSB does everything! GOOD JOB Raghu!!

  11. hey thanks for the nice post
    even im very much confused abt the my future.
    im also preparing for GRE while doing job but not getting enough time to study
    im thinking to give up my job…will it be right decision of mine????????

    1. It depends actually! I mean if u r in a job dat u LIKE and related to the field on which u want to work in ur MS then I think U shudnt leave it!! it will count in ur admissions!!! But not hen you can let it go for something more enjoyable and fruitful

      1. Hey Dev!
        gr8 post…very inspiring…specially when i am kind of in a same situation …Got gre exams in 3 weeks and an 8 hr job which really doesn’t leave much tym for me to prepare..since i only starting preparing seriously for it 2 weeks ago so got lots to do…but i am struggling to somehow squeeze in those 6 hrs of studying everyday which next to impossible..after reading ur post i am highly motivated to push my limits further…so thank you for that.
        And i guess misery loves company!;)

  12. excellent and heart throbbing … This was what exactly i needed..!!! thank you mate..!!!

  13. Good article.
    Improve your grammar. This article has lots of grammatical errors.
    You cannot do M.S./GRE with this grammar.
    Best of luck for future endeavors.

    1. well i wrote it in sharp 11 mins. yup i DID set the timer. so those were not errors due to lack of knowledge but due to typing mistakes. nyway thanks! wud mind it next time

  14. Hey Dev …17 hrs ..huh…who says u are mediocre…i am lucky to have bumped across your post, as right now i am in serious state of hopelessness and reading about what you are going through, made me go BINGO!!! The line-“The last cause is actually sometimes a result of other three but is THE single most DESTRUCTIVE reason for anyone’s failure” hit me in the head…and now I am pulling myself together again and trying to push my limits 😀 Thank You!!! btw- you are not mediocre 😛

    1. How do you define mediocre then?? Kidding! U know its like the LAST 10 to 15 meters in a sprint! U run your heart out coz u know beyond that FINISHING LINE is pure SATISFACTION!

  15. Dear all,

    I understand that most of the people following the blog (and even the creator!) are somewhat inclined towards education abroad. Its quite understood, that the Indian education system is rigid and focused differently as compared to other system. But the point to be kept in mind while making the decision should not be dependent on anyone’s opinion nor on your stubbornness to make it to US/Canada just because of the fact their lifestyle is ‘cooler’ than ours. Yes, we all believe that the decision that brings satisfaction seems to be the best one but it may not be the optimal one!

    We all have been given a single life to live with only one era of youthfulness to be cherished, with time that will never come back! The decision made now effects our future which in turn effect our next generations. My point in repeating these discrete mechanics of life is to enlighten the fact that no matter what we do, at one point of our life will regret why we didn’t take the other road? Instead of working 17 hours a day for a US admission, why didn’t I spend some time enjoying the gift called life ? Of what worth was this dream which almost sucked the life out of me? On the contrary, why didn’t I work hard enough to make it to a decent grad school? What stopped me from improving my skills at that time?

    Understanding the objective of your life, does help in resolving some of these dilemmas, but who can clearly state the objective of his entire life right now at this point of time? We can only consider it in bits and pieces, one thing at a time. We find kids who believe in topping the class as their greatest achievements and at the same time physicists who find great satisfaction in unraveling the mysteries of nature.

    This comment isn’t focused on classifying a decision as a bad or good one. There are a lot of things present in this world to help you out with that! What should interest us is that human mind would stop functioning if it runs out of desires, if it runs out of satisfactions. We have a desire, we fulfill it and satisfy ourselves. We find that sacrificing some desires at the cost of another should bring more satisfaction, we do it. But do we know is it REALLY worth that much amount of satisfaction? 🙂

  16. Very nice post.. a good read! but are u meaning that every one else are morons??(4th line from last):)

  17. Man thanks for the encordgment and prush… I wish you all the best … I am doing the same as you do … I am preparing for gre , working on vlsi and Totfel … I feel u wrote this for me !!!

    Thanks again

  18. Hey awesome post, man!! Really you inspire me! By the way, it would be great if you could give me details of the embedded course that you are doing. You see, I have always wanted to study embedded systems . But due to lack of guidance I always get stuck somewhere and give up. Your post has motivated me to try harder next time!

  19. Boss, I don’t mean to disparage or discourage you, but have you considered the possibility that your entire life you will pass away toiling like a pig for the garbage of worldly benefits. I don’t mean one shouldn’t work hard, but am saying one should also enjoy the tiny pleasures of life and not just turn off the mind into a machine and keep drilling it. You are very keen apparently to ‘kill yourself’ for the sake of being happy without realizing that happiness will continue to elude you. I mean I have seen and heard many people at deathbeds wishing that they had taken that road trip instead of slooging, having eaten that sweet instead of dieting , so on and so forth. I can go on rumbling, but in short all I want to convey is , be serious yet take it easy.

    1. If he spends his entire life like this, you are right. But spending at least a few years as if in a concentration camp is necessary if you want to spend the rest of your life happy! Even better is to appreciate the hard work – you learn a lot during that period, why to be displeased with how you spend your time? It is far better than watching useless movies, playing computer games or chatting with unworthy people… Sorry.

      1. oooowwww ooooowwwww!!! @ momo U SOUND LIKE MY GF!!! Sila i used to be a mad gamer!!! Now coming to pleasures!! What if I say that I feel extremely happy while knowing things about the Operating sysytems or say abourt MCUs???

  20. I can totally understand what you were going through … Experiencing it first handedly ..
    It’s always dark before the dawn”

  21. nice post….liked it a lot!!!
    can relate it to my life to an extent for the past 2-3 months…..

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