18.4 Million People Found Jobs Using Facebook

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Some folks don’t’ believe in the Hype of Online Reputation and its impact on job search.

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People are addicted to Social Media. I would call it as truly “marketing porn.”

Hey, let’s look at the facts:

Many people respond to it irrationally.

Social Media in 60 Seconds

Look at it ALL day. Why not use it to your advantage? Like using Social Media to find a job?

Today I’ came across this article in Time How to Shape your Facebook Profile for Job Search.

Quick Summary

  • In 2011 found that 84% of job seekers had profiles on Facebook and 63% of them were actively searching for jobs.
  •  A total of 18.4 million Americans, in fact, have credited Facebook as the source that led to their current job.
  • Think of your Facebook profile as an extension of your resume. It needn’t be overly polished or portray you as a workaholic, and it certainly shouldn’t come off as fake or contrived.
  • 73% don’t give applicants an opportunity to address racy, odd, or otherwise questionable information gathered via social media sites, says the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). More likely: The job candidate is simply eliminated from the hiring process.

Tips to use Facebook for Job Search

  1. Sign up and be active. Having a Facebook account is standard nowadays. If you don’t have an account, then you won’t appear relevant to employers in many industries
  2. Shape your profile according to the top five personality traits.
  3. Add professional networking applications to your Facebook profile. Many services allow users to tap into their Facebook networks to reveal job opportunities
  4. Review your privacy settings and limit old status updates. Just about everyone has the new Facebook “Timeline” profile now. With Timeline, all of your old status updates, photos and videos are now searchable by your friends and possibly the public at large.
  5. Promote yourself and share professional-related content. One of the benefits of the new Timeline profiles is that you can choose a background image.

What Can you Do?

Believe it or not, employer are going to search your name and scan your social media profiles.

As the article says “If you don’t have an account, then you won’t appear relevant to employers in many industries”.

It simply means, when you are not active in Social Media, your are automatically eliminated from hiring process.

Comment from Kiranmayee

I very much agree with you on this topic. If you remember, one of my very own posts was published in the blog a while ago My Success Story – Job Offer as Radio Jockey in USA. I was offered a job as a Radio Jockey in USA. That offer I received was purely due to my social presence.

I have uploaded snippets of my Programs on air and was active with all my listeners on a personal ground. That really did help me build a good base of followers for my show and when my employers from the US have told me to create a promo for a show on their radio, I did so and shared with my existing listeners.

The promo was in turn shared by all of them and the radio channel had found a new market for themselves in this region as well. That made them increase my incentives and now, I have received an offer from them to even do the marketing for their channel with the benefits of sponsoring my education in US and also have a portion of the profits.

Also, In have even received an intern offer from a local biotech company here after going through my article on HSB as well as my snippets to prepare an official powerpoint presentation for them and also present it to all of their prospective clients.

My story of benefits doesn’t end there. I have recently been offered to host a popular TV show and received a 2-year contract from the same TV channel to give Cricket commentary for CCL in Telugu.

In a nutshell, utilization of social network is often beneficial.

See, the power of Social Media at Work. Someone from India, getting a job as Radio Jockey in USA. Isn’t that Amazing?

As you can see from previous argument,if you are not going to interview call for the job you applied just because you don’t have Facebook profile or you had too much stuffs that makes your irrelevant for the job.

In the end company is going to hire someone else. As you international student, company has to spend ton of money to sponsor your H1B.

In an ideal word you can expect to have unlimited time, but as a F1 student, you have 90 Days in OPT to find your job or pack your bags.

If you waiting for a company that will hire you just based on person to person interview skills, then don’t feel sorry or depressed, when time runs ut and just because you didn’t to adapt to “The New Job Search Trend”.

Social media is a tool that is going to help you find  a job when done right.

If you get a job without using social  media, I’m not going to complain.

There are several approaches towards job search. Use all possible tools that can aid your job search.

You can’t build your social profile over a weekend. It takes time and effort.

People do things differently in Facebook compared to real world.

Job Search and Your Approach?

What do you think? Do you still plan to use the traditional “Apply via Website and Wait” approach or ready to take a leap of faith into The New Job Search Trend?

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