Thesis or Project – Fall 2012 Admission with Tuition Fee Waiver

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Congrats Srinivas on receiving admission with Tuition Fee waiver for MS in USA Fall 2012.

I have edited the name of the university for obvious reasons.

Fall 2012 Admission with Scholarship

I have applied for University of Txxx for FALL-2012 for MS in Computer Science.

I received a mail from them saying that my tuition fee was waived which is based on my academic record GRE 1320 Toefl 85 and UG % 72.

I have received tuition scholarship for 2 semesters but they have asked me to get register for Thesis or Project.

I was really happy when I got to know about this but I am not sure of opting Thesis or Project.

Infact I really donno anything about the Thesis option.

Could you please guide me on how to approach.

I have also got admit from Wright state university and Florida international university.

Several students in USA should have better idea about Thesis vs Project.

Also, course options for Thesis and Project depends on the Professor and Thesis problem you will be working to solve.

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Lets wait and see what others have to say about Thesis vs Projects.


  1. Me, personally, I would like to enter the academia at a later stage and thus, the thesis option makes sense for me.
    If you don’t plan on a research/academia/R&D/Innovations Dept. career, the non-thesis might work for you. Non thesis simply means more subjects for the credits not research work.

  2. Hi All,

    Would like to clarify, most university stated is Thesis Vs Non-Thesis, so is the “Project” that mentioned equal to non-Thesis option?


  3. I am not sure which University you have got admission into, but I think tuition fee waiver should not be the only consideration. May be that University has no research credentials and is looking to build one. That is why they give tuition waivers. But then they may not have quality faculty members with research record.

    So please do a background check of the University and the Faculty before making a decision. But if you have no intention of doing a PhD later, then this University might be a good option.

    1. Vijay – I know the university and know people personally who attend the university. So, no need to worry about research.

  4. could anyone plz tell , how many days do the universities take to mail us thier decision , i’ve applied for fall 2012 but therz no response yet ?

    1. 2 to 3 months. Some universities mail as they admit students. Some do it a batch. It depends on type of admission that have (fixed or rolling).

  5. Congrats dude..!
    Admission with scholarship ?!? Can you please share your profile…. It will be very helpful to me..:)

    1. No, Sri.. Dont’t try to answer the question or be of any help… Just post another question to the already confused guy… And his profile is in the article, which you would have found, if you had read beyond the word “Tuition fee waived”.. 😐

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